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G hit-Chat.


G hit-Chat. BY HAMBLING TOMMY. On Sunday morning last just as the congregation c C5 at Windsor Road Chapel were singing the last verse of the hymn before the sermon, the handle of the organ bellows snapped off, and, as a matter of course, the organ ceased playing. The congregation, however' sang the verse through. Almost the first words of the minister after announcing his text, were "Change and decay in all around I see." I hear that with the new chapel, it is also intended to have a new X500 organ, 0 0 0 The Rev. W. G. Davies last Sunday evening, in announcing a picnic in connection with the Dorcas Society, said that brakes would leave Messrs Andrews' and Son's at a certain time, for which a charge of so much would be made, which he thought was very reasonable. Just at this point, one of Solomom's horses set up a most hideous neighing, which, it has been suggested, was a kind of protest. Be that as it may, the incident caused a titter throughout the congre- gation, ° 000 As the ground was being opened in front of the new shop, next door to Mr. Com well's, the following conversation took place For whom diggest thou this grave In the heart of Penarth Town ? The stern voice of the old man replied, We're laying a gas pipe down. The shop will be opened this day, Saturday, by Mr. Saunders, baker and confectioner. 0 0 0 A flower service will be held in Andrews' Large Hall next Sunday afternoon, under the auspices of the Tabernacle Baptist Sunday School and Society of Christian Endeavemr. At this service, the prizes and certificates won at the recent Sunday School Union Scripture Examination will be presented, and solos will be sung by Madame Francis-Mules. The Rev. 1. 0. Stalberg will give a short address- A collection r will bt- mflld1 4iid the proceeds will be devoted to tha local branch of the Queen Victoria Nursed Institute. Gifts of flowers will be gratefully received, and will be distributed among the sick poor of the town and the children's ward of the Cardiff Infirmary, 0 0 0 I had anticipated that, with the advent of the new Clerk of Works we should have our streets swept in something- like respectable time in the mornino- I but it can hardly be said that from ten to eleven it, a suitable hour for the brushing of dnst through the town- Good house-v-' 7 "A™4" dusting done beforJ that hour. d h ld Street sweepers. 30 sll0u,d our 680 tiight! light! This was the cry of the residents Of Plassey Street and Arcot Street last winter. A petition, signed by a large nttrriber of householders, was presented to the now defunct Local Board, and the Lighting Committee, I understand, after looking into the matter, recommended the Board to grant the petitioners' request, but So far nothing has been done. Will it be necessary to get up another petition to pray t the District Council to give more light in this dai-k .neighbourhood. 000 On tile homeward trip from Ilfraconabe on board the Bonnie Doone" last Monday, the following story' was told by a retired captain "On one of my vessels two gentlemen bad berths adjoining e/cb other. The J of -t aboard, one of ihem, instead of retinng"to reit, paced up and down his cabin, to the annoyance ■and discomfiture.'of the other passenger. At last the aggrieved gentleman could stand it no -loader but rose up and going to the door of the restless man's cabin asked what vas the matter. The' reply came "The truth is.fthat when I get. on land, I have a heavy bill to pay and I have not the wlierewithall to pay it'' "Oh you fool, get into bed -and go to sleep, and let the other fellow do the walking," was tendeied The Sunday Companion gives three reasons why people go to church. They are as follows I. Because they can't sleep so well at home 2. Because it is a good place to study the latest fashions. 3. Because it is the house of God and the gate of Heaven. May I add a fourth? but, of course, this only applies to a few: Because"they spend a pleasant hour eating sweets, making a deal of noise opening the packet, and talking incessantly, even to those in the seat behind. This was the case at a certain place of worship last Sunday evening. I need add no more. May this little note have the desired effect. 000 A young lady went to one of our places ,of wor- ship last Sunday morning, and when she came out she observed, "Poubtless the sermon was good, but I could not help looking at the various dresses. I almost thought I was in the company of a congrega- tion of brides." Oh, ye fashionably-dressed ladies, what a Jot have ye to answer for! coo The evening concerts on Penarth Pier have been listened to by hundreds of people during the past week, many of whom have expressed themselves pleased with the'performances of the various artistes. If a few concerted pieces were introduced, I am sure the audience would be better satisfied. Some of those who assemble on Penarth Pier are a little bit diffi- cult to please, they are just a trifle fastidious, and their tastes must be considered- It is music they want-music which hath a meaning, music which hath a power to chains to elevate, to stir the soul- no matter how simple if well rendered. Perhaps Mr Pasco Rutter and his combination will take the hint, 000 By-the-oye, it is rumoured that Mr J. L. Kerpen) cf the Esplanade Hotel, is making efforts to provide a good band to play on the Pier. Success to his efforts. 000 "To the Beach and Public Baths is a sign affixed n to the large lamp near the Railway Station, but it is pointing in the wrong direction, viz-, up Stanwell- 0 road and to the town. o e 0 Will not the following do to be classed as the latest, and also claim first place in originality ?-A ragged archin from Cardiff has conceived the idea of I travelling backwards and forwards on the Penarth- road for a living, He runs alongside the 'biiSSes, and turns somersaults and performs Other capers on the road, as Cardiff etrS'et boys only can do, at the same time keeping- up with the 'bus. Of course, the pas- Sengers know why be does it, and act accordingly. The lad reaps a rich harvest by the coppers 4 thrown him* 000 I understand that at All Saints' Church next Sun- day, Vicar Heathcote will preach two sermons on Recreation." He intends dealing with the question of theatre-going, dancing, and other popular pastimes. Doubtless there will be large congregations, for there is great curiosity to know his views upon these subjects. 000 r There will shortly be a branch bf the Church of England Temperance Society established in 'connec- tion with t111 Saints' Cburch. Mr Curthoys, the people's warden, it is stated, will be the prime mover- o 0 e The last addition to our county J.P.'s is ■Mr David Duncan, and Mr Benjamin, of Stanwell-road,Penarth, has also been added to the list of magistrates for the borough of Cardiff. 0 00 Readers of the Penarth Chronicle will soon be' en- tertained with a LOCAL 'Wuse celebre. 11 Hasten Slowly" is not a bad precept. 000 It seems incredible, does it not, that we have I reached the "longest day ? Of course, no difference in the daylight hours will be noticeable for som l weeks, but there is a touch of sadness in the thought that with the sunset of June 21st, summer has "turned the corner," and is what the late Charles Haddon Spurgeon called" on the down grade." 000 When June is once "out" w3 have one unmistak- able sign that the glory of summer is on the wane,. viz., the dying away of the flowers. For little longer shall we be able to revel in The heaped-up wealth of unnumbered flowers; airy-hke petals of wasen bloom, Bunging a breath as of Eden's bowers In the tremulous waftings of faint perfume. Fabulous masses of gorgeous splendour, Thcl radiant red and the pearly pale Blossoms that shrink from the day, and render Only to night winds their tender tale." 0 0 0 At the Aberavon Dog Show held on Thursday. Mr J. Kerper, of the Esplanade Hotel, won a first and special prize for Welsh terriers, not having pre- viously won a prize, and a third prize for Welsh terriers.