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Volunteer Intelligence.

1Penarth Boat Club.

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Dorcas Society's Outing.


Dorcas Society's Outing. There is, in conection with the Tabernacle Baptist Church, a very flourishing "Dorcas" society, of which Mrs. T. Emlyn Jones is the President, and Mrs. W. G. Davies the Secretary. One means of increasing the funds, so as to be able to supply clothing, etc. at small charges to needy persons, is for certain ladies of the committee to give a tea once a month, to which friends are invited, a small charge being made- The whole of the proceeds goe3 to replenish the coffers which are continually being drained On Wednesday about 60 proceeded to Courtyrala Park, some by train to Dynas Poms, some by brakes supplied by Messrs Andrews and Son, some on cycles, and others walked. A boiler and urn having been conveyed over, a fire was lit on the beach, and then willing hands carried the tea to an adjoining field. During the afternoon and evening a variety of games were introduced, and were heartily joined in. The tea was kindly provided by Mrs Gethin Lewis.

Water Polo Match.