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1Penarth Boat Club.

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Penarth Boat Club. SECOND RACE FOR THE CUP. The second race for the cup in connection with the Penarth Boat Club took place on Saturday afternoon. The course first decided upon was from East Cardiff Monkstone, West Caidiff, and home, but it was found, owing to the lack of a good breeze, that it would have to be modified; consequently it was arranged that it should be from Middle Buoy home. A large gather- ing followed the race from the lona, kindly placed at the disposal of the club by the Penarth Steam Ferry Company, including Mr and Mrs H J Vellacott, Mr E and the Misses Bregeon, Mr and Mrs Arnold, Mr and Mrs J Andrews, Mr and Mrs F Lambert, the Misses Greenhill, Mr and Mrs Llewellyn Evans, Miss Sally Evans, Mr and Mrs E. England, Mr and Mrs E Lloyd. Mr and Mrs George Fardo, Mr and Mrs G Clarry, Mr and Mrs J S Shepton, Mr and Mrs Jen- kins, Miss M Walters, Miss Herbert, Miss Nell, Mr and Miss Batchelor, Miss Rhys, Miss Strawson, Messrs T Gibbs, C V Byrne, A E Edwards, F Vyvyan, P Collins, and J. Harris. A start was made at 3.30, the boats crossing the line in the following order:— Thorn (owned by Mr G F Mason), Querida (owned by Mr H W Flint), New Moon (owned by Messrs Shep- pard and sailed by Mr Ashford), Witangi (owned by Messrs Batchelor and Oliver), and BorbeLte (owned by Mr F Milburn). The two last-named were a long way behind the others. They arrived at the East Cardiff Buoy in the following order TT" n ±i. jyi. D. Querida 5 52 15 New Moon 5 56 20 Witangi 5 57 40 Barbette 6 11 0 Thorn 6 16 0 After a very tame race, the boats landed at tb-c middle buoy as-follows- H. M. S. Querida 6 58 30 Thorn 7 1 40 Barbetto 7 2 0 New Moon 7 10 15 Witangi 7 10 30 At this juncture a fair wind blew up, and the finish became more exciting". Themaik boat wasapasstid as follows:— H. M: S. Querida 7 20 12 Thorn 7 22 58 Barbette 7 26 25 New Moon 7 36 15 Witangi I. 7 37 35 The arrangements were in the hands Mr H. J. Vel- lacott, the commodore of the club, whose painstaking efforts were generally admired.

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