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. PenaHh District Council.


PenaHh District Council. THE ESTATE'S GENEROSITY TO ALLOTMENT HOLDERS. STREET VANDALISM RAMPANT. ;WINDSOR ROAD LEVEL CROSSING. PROPOSED EXTRA REMUNERATION FOR MR MEAZEY. The ordinary meeting of the Council took place on Monday nigbt, Mr W. L. Morns, J.P, presiding. The others present were-Messrs D. Morgan, H Snell, L Purnelf, J. y. Strawson, T. S. Lloyd, S. Thomas, R. Bevan, T. Bevan, J. Pavey, E. 1. Evans (surveyor;, and J. W. Morris (clerk). With respect to Messrs Batchelor and Snowdon's claim, Mr Thomas said he was surprised that two committeemen declined to attend the inquiry. Mr Purnell did not consider the Council bad any- thing to do with it. Mr Snell said he was still of the same opinion, and therefore would have nothing to do with it. Mr Thomas thereupon nominated Messrs Pavey and Lloyd to fill the vacancies. Mr Lloyd begged to be excused, as he didn't un- derstand the matter. Finally, upon the suggestion of the Chairman, it was decided to leave the investigation to the three re- maining committeemen—Messrs T. Bevan, S-Thomas, and W. L. Morris. On the motion of Mr R. Bevan, seconded by Mr Pavey, Mrs Cory was appointed manageress of [he baths, at the same salary as before. Messrs Barnes, Chaplm and Co.'s tender for Cwrt- y-vil Road private improvements was accepted, the contractors not to be paid till completion of the work. Messrs Emlyn Jones' tender for a new water cart was also accepted, Mr Snell proposing, and Mr Morgan seconding. The Council's seal was attached to Palmer and Co's contract for fencing Windsor-road, as well as Mr Turner's for Stan well-road sewer. A letter was read from the Pier Company, saying that it would be very much more expensive for them to connect their lavatories with the main sewer than to drain out to sea. The Clerk It is necessary to obtain the consent of either the Council or Lord Windsor. It is off the highway, and the rights of the owner of the fore- shore must be preserved. Mr Snell: I should think for their own sakes they would connect with the public sewer. Eventually the Council resolved to adhere to their former resolution. The Chairman, in again adverting7 to the dangerous r, t5 level crossing at West Cottages, said it was high time something should be done. Colonel Hutchinson ex- pressed his dissatisfaction at the time of the inquiry and inspection. Mr Beasley also accompanied the Colonel, and now they refuse to do anything The Taff would certainly have to pay if a child's life was lost. Mr Thomas No! The blood of the child would be on the Council. The Chairman That's for a jury to decide. The Clerk: It is no good continuing cor- respondence. Mr R- Bevan was for at once deciding upon a de- finite course of action, but being ruled out of order, the matter wns referred to the Public Works' Com- mittee for full discussion. Mr Lloyd When ghall we have the Medical Officer's report which was promised two months ago ? The Clerk I will write and ask him. Mr Lloyd Thank you. A playful discussion ensued over the naming of one of the new streets at West Cottages- One sug- gested Copan Road, another Grove Road and another Laundry Place. Mr Morris's suggestion that it be called Grove Place vice Cogan Road was adopted In speaking of the convictions at the Court that morning of three Grangetown lads for wantingly smashing street lamps, the Surveyor reported that two more trees in Plassey Street had been broken. He was therefore directed to prominently post notices making known the recent convictions. At the instigation of Mr R. Bevan the Surveyor was also directed to remove the notices from the street lamps. An application from the Telephone Coaipany, to erect a pole on the footpath in Archer Road was refused. Mr Pavey was anxious to asc-ertain what had been done anent the widening of the road from Cogan to Cogan Station. 0 The Surveyor replied that he waS" getting out tracings which would be forwarded the Clerk in a few days. Mr Purnell stated that as at the present time there were 59 houses in course of erection and other heavy work on hand, and that the Ex-Surveyor had been paid Y,218 for extraneous help, it was palpable that J ■_ Mr Evans was greatly over-worked. Smoke testing of drains was a now a sine qua non, and he therefore moved that Mr Meazey be appointed at an extra re- muneration of XIO t year to lcok after this particular ————————t) work together with the inspection of new houses, or the Council might become in the same hopeless con- dition as they bad once before. The Clerk observed that he would acquaint the Local Government Board, and ask if they objected to the Inspector's doing this extra work. Mr Lloyd knew that the Surveyor was greatly overworked and it would be expedient for a pratical sub-committee to go into the whole of the Surveyor's department and see whether it would be advisable to get an articled pupil or extra assistance. The work had hitherto been done thoroughly, but it was not right to work one officer too hard. Chairman: There are a dozen new streets with the private improvements; the question had better go to the Public Works Committee. Mr Suell: I know the Surveyor has bees working overtime, and too bard, if he thinks he wants assis- tance we'll consider it. Surveyor: I've worked three days overtime every week I've been here. My predecessor paid £120 for extra assistance in 4 to 5 years. Mr R. Bevan thought that with Mr Meazey, the Road Foreman and Mr Griffiths. the work could be coped with. If they kept adding to the staff the whole of the rates would be absorbed in officers' salaries. He was sorry to divide on the question. Mr Guy: If extra work be thrown upon him we must grant extra help. Mr Lloyd It's a most unfair thing to question him whether be wishes so and so. I believe in a fair day's work for a fair wage. He says he works from 9 to 9 and has striven to get his house in order. We should be the first to protect outsiders let us therefore pro- tect our own officers. Mr Purnell: With an iucreasing population comes increased work. The matter was left in abeyance. Mr R. Bevan reminded the Council that the Open Spaces and Recreation Committee had laid their re- port before the late Board, and that the matter should now be dealt with, He therefore moved that Chairman, Messrs H. Snell, L. Purnell, T. Bevan, and himself be appointed a committee to accept the re- commendations of the old committee, or to move more elaborate ones, and report thereupon. Mr Purnell seconded, saying that they could now go fairly to Lord Windsor, believing from past actions that his lordship would liberally meet them in the matter. (Hear, hear). Mr Strawson: With A view of purchasing ? (Laughter). The motion was carried nem, con. Mr Guy thought that what he had to say augured well for the future. When a deputation of Sully- terrace residents petitioned him for allotments, he saw Mr Snell, who one afternoon walked round the place with him to discover suitable land. The piece which they had secured had thoroughly delighted the holders, as it was some cf the best land the Estate had. (Hear, hear). Mr Snell: You have to thank Mr Morgan. A Member Mr Morgan's heart is rather soft, how- ever austere he may look when one goes to ask him a favour- (Laughter). Another Member Quite correct.

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