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Sad Case at Penaxth.


Sad Case at Penaxth. THE CORONER'S INQUIRY. NO CRIMINAL OFFENCE. At Penarth Police Court ou Wednesday, Mr E. B. Reece attended to conduct an inquiry into a case of alleged concealment of the bit th of a female child by Annie Lye, a young girl only 16 years of age. The first witness called was Eliza Lye, who said: I live at the Clive Arms, John-street, Penarth. My sister's name is Annie Lye. She was 16 years of ao-e last birthday. She lives at Evercreech, in Somerset- shire. She came to Penarth last Monday evening, and was staying at the residence of her uncle, Walter Buckland, 30, John-street, next door to the Clive Arms. My sister came to look after my cousin, who was ill. The child was born about 9.30 on Tuesday morning- I went into my uncle's house about 7.30, and saw my sister there She had her dress undone, and said she had awful pains in her stomach. She did not tell me that she was enciente, although I thought she looked rather stout. I went back to the house to do my work, but returned to my uncle's again about 10 o'clock. My sister was then at the back of the house, in the closet. I called to her, and she answered, but did not come in for about ten minutes She then told me she had had a baby, and that it was in the pan in the closet. I made her go and fetch it out. I did not know whether the baby was dead or alive. I went for Dr Newton, and told him all about it. He came a few minutea after. My sister told me she did not expect the baby to be born until some time later. When she is at home she lives with my widowed mother at Evercreech. She will te 17 years of age next October. Dr C- J. Newton, Penarth, in his evidence, said the last witness came to his surgery between twelve and one p.m. on Tuesday, and told him her sister had been confined of a female child. He at once pro- ceeded to the house in John-street, and saw the young mother. The body of the child was wrapped up in the kitchen. He attended to the mother. This (Wednesday) morning he conducted a post-mortem examination of the body, and found the child was of nearly its full time. Externally there was a tear on each side of the mouth and discolouration on the front of the throat. Internally he found the lungs had not expanded at all, so that the child had not breathed, a'id. therefore, had not had a separate exist- ence. In his opinion the child died duringor before birth. The other organs of the child, which was a well-de- velcpcd one, were perfecily healthy. The Coroner said: The poor mother is quite a child herself, only 16 years of age, and she has said she did not expect the birth for some time. It is a very sad case that so young a child should have got into trouble like this. The doctor has told us that there was no separate existence, so that you cannot bring in a verdict of wilful murder or manslaughter, only that of still-born- The police may take proceedings for concealment of birth, but with that you have nothing to do. The jury at once returned a verdict that the child was still-born.

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