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- Weekly Botes by Quirkpepip.…


Weekly Botes by Quirkpepip. The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the opinions expressed in these notes. The only difficulty, seemingly, :in tho way of not 0 having weekly concerts in the Gardens is on account of there being no local band. Was the word Cogan mentioned- r r r: o (i ? Penarth always flies a high kite. Efforts are being made to induce Lord Windsor 4to preside at the forthcoming Jootball Club dinner. o ø Apropos of football. The local Artillery Volunteers go to camp to-morrow (Saturday), at Lavernock. There will be Nos 9 and 10 Penartb, No 11 Barry, Nos 1 to 7 Cardiff and No 8 Bridgend, batteries. It I is intended to hold the sports on Wednesday, the 20th inst, when there will be a match :-Outlying Stations Y. Headquarters. What a gate! 9 0 0 Sergt. Hallett is very sanguine of having a success- ful cut in for the Queen's Prize this year. Would the company ever pass through Cardiff alive, on their way back ? J 0 0# Penarth will be justly proud thai Mr Hunter, Lower Penarth, is now the recognised champion golfer of South Wales- To his many handsome trophies is added another 20 guinea cup, which he secured at Abeidovey, last Wednesday week. 000 It must be very pleasing not only to the local Presbyterians, but also to Church and Chapel alike, that the Rev J. M. Saunders M-A., has not harkened to the voice of the call from Swansea. The bond of love and fellowship twixt pastor and Church, is so great, as to preclude, for some time at least, his sever- ance with Plassey Street English Presbyterian Church 0 0 0 Mr J. W. Pyman has accepted the presidency of the newly inaugurated Penarth Swimming Club, whilst the captaincy has been vested in Mr J. E. Edwards. Having- been fairly started, and with Mr Owen, of "The Don," as secretary, the club has a promising future, and will do much to foster what should be a compulsory attainment—swimming. 00 0 This is an age of reform, but every one is clear enough in pioneering a crusade against the barbarous custom of rice throwing. Flowers, especially those in season, would be a far more graceful and pleasing compliment- Perhaps we are progressing old boots and shoes are not so plentifully bestrewn as of yore. JFestina lente seems our rrotto in innovation. John Bull is veritably Conservative! 000 Romour is rife to the effect that in view of the imminence of a general election, and in furtherance of the candidature of Major Quin for South Glamorgan, the defunct C!ive Conservative Ciub will be shortly revived under the name of the Constitutional Club. 0 0 0 Mr Guy, whan contesting the Central Ward, made DO rash or specious promises. Acting then, as since, independently, the remarks which he made last Mon- day with respect to the Estate and allotment holders show that if the representatives of the former be ap- proached in the right spirit. there will be concomitant II equity and amicability. The Recreation and Open Spaces Committee will do well to remember Mr Guy's diplomacy. ooo Mr Morgan mooted a very pertinent point when he I adverted to outrageous time builders occupy in keep- ing up hoardings in the public thoroughfares to the detriment of neighbouring tradesmen and the incon- ▼enience of pedestrians. In future a proviso will be mnde that thes3 fcoa; dings be erected for a limited time only. I The Government report came to hand on Wednes- day to the effect that the Penarth Board School had again captured the excellent giant for drawing. o e ? Apropos of strset nomenclature, future historians and antiquaries will think us nonentities in the choice of our street names. Four characteristic names only have we-Awot-s tree t, Windsor-road, Clive-road, and Ludlow-street. The rest are left to mere chance 0 and the auggestion of any builder-tbe result being Church-place North, Church-place South, etc. How many could box the compass to find these two afreets ? Progress here seems about as slow a pr j- cess as our evolution from protoplasm. 0 0 0 Mr T. Meazey was on Monday night presented with a handsome meerschaum pipe by the District Coun- cil's employees. May he long continue to smoke the calumet. o 0 e Among the distinguished visitors who occasionally visit the Ion ton suburb might have been seen last Saturday on the pier, Mr R. Forrest, J.P. 000 The robin is a bird which, apart from its oddity in building its nest in the must unlikely places, has a peculiar interest, inasmuch as there is a tradition that while our Lord was on his way to Calvary a robin pecked a thorn out of His crown, and the blood which issued out of his wound falling on the bird, dyed its breast red. A local instance of the bird's oddity in nesting is afforded by the fact that at Mr Howe's photographic studio on the Beach there is an old stump of a tree, used in photographic scenery, in which for yeais past a robin has built its nest and hatched its young, This year was no exception. A fortnight ago there were signs of imminent in- 0 9 cubation, and on Whifc-Monday six fledglings ap- peared. So tame, however, was the mother-bird that although more than 150 people had their likenesses tiken on Bank Holiday, and had consequently to stand within a yard of tha nest, the robin in no wise appeared put out, but performed her maternal duties in the usual way. In many of the photographs taken there is to be seen the nest, sometimes with the mother sitting on it, and at other -times without, the fledg- C3 lings, however, being easily distinguishable. 0 0 0 The Coancil simply acted in consonance with the principle which actuated their recent opposition to Cardiff Corporation sewerage scheme, when, last Monday, they finally resolved to compel the Pier Company, irrespective of expense, to conform to the bye-laws and connect their lavatories with the public sewer.

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