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1 — S ,f" THE Penarth & District t.; BILLPOSTING COMPANY OFFICE;- 15, Windsor Road, PEN.ARTH iillposting* AND Advertising ALL ITS BRANCHES. IlJ V .^ElfARTH, I JOG AN, LL AN DOUGH, LECK WITH, eastbrook; LAVERNOCK j < &C, &c) &C- f ALM A3 -S AD ( POWILES BALSAM or M.'s I" ANISEED Fot ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, NICHi COUGH, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, AND ALL LUNG TROUBLES. SAFF AND RELIABLE. Established 70 Yeare. -raie to arte on Wrappers. Bewara « {..ili,i£.\Wns. fcOJ O BY CHEMISTS EVERYWHERE. In Bottles. 2/3, 4/0, and 11/. T. PHILPOTT, Machen ID.-ti"y, S4, WINDSOR ROAD PENARTH. (- uro Milk, Fresh'Butter Poultry and New Laid Eggs. Trial solicited. Quality Guaranteed. ALFRED TOWHILL, 79, Glebe Street, Penarth. Ousters, X.Lissels, 0' TRESB" ISii DAILY i ——————. t: t', ( (" ,r j..•• f r. 1" r, "T -rrp Established over a Quarter of a Ceutnryc 1 OA VIO CORNWELL FAMILY BUTCHER. PLASSEY STREET 1 i < f. f (t: I. ANE* '• v" *V •• 'T- -v.. '*•' 2~- GLEBE STREET PENARTH. r And at Holton Road, Barry Dock, Private ffiew eaig Cards 'c:.}r v ■ PRINTED AT f. s SPECIALLY LOW PRICES. £ ¡ AT THE PENARTH CH RON ICLE OFFICE LADIES1 & GENTS' VISITING CARDS. INVITATION & "AT HOME" CARDS. t BALL PROGRAMMES & MENU CARDS The Cheapest in the District. IlL. 'II BOOKBINDING < V I ■ IN EVERY STYLE AND QUALITY ESTIMATE GIVEN FOR ALL CLASSES Oli WORK <.fl, •' > ■ Chronicle Printing Works, Penarth J.I. ■' I- Beatty's Pianos S 83 Catalogue free 'Atj^rtiss Daniei F. ^eatty Washing- tu^jNew Jersey » f Printed and Published by James Fergusson Pickford- at His Office. Areov-street and Plassey«si..r6 Penartu in ihe Goimly of Glamorgan.