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Penarth Boat Club. : 't.--


Penarth Boat Club. 't. RACE FOR THE CUP. On Saturday afternoon, under favourable circum- stances, the first of a series of six sailing races it is intended to hold during the present season came off. The course was from the Penarth Boat House to the East Cardiff and West Cardiff buoys and home, a distance of eight knots. There was a large attend- ance. A start was made at 3.30..A number of members of the club and their friends followed the race on the Iona, placed at their disposal by the Penarth Steam Ferry Company, Cardiff. The boats which entered were as follows:-New Moon, belong- ing to Mr Shephard and sailed by Mr Ashford; Bar- bet, owned and sailed by Mr Milburn; Wytangi, sailed and owned by Mr Roger Batchelor; Thoine, sailed and owned by Mr Mason May, sailed and owned by Mr Morel; Querida, sailed and owned by Mr Flint; aDd Assegi,sailed and owned by Mr Hodge. Mr H. J. Vellacott, the commodore of the club,acted as starter. On the way to the East Cardiff Buoy the Barbet took a long lead, and the boats arrived at the spot as follows:— II. M. S. Barbet. 4 20 10 Thorne 5 22 0 Qaerida 4 22 ]5 May 4 22 25 New MOOIJ 4 29 50 Assegi; 4 31 0 Wytangi 4: 31 30 After passing the buoy, the last-named boat dropped out of the race, and the Barbet still led. In making for the West Buoy, however, this boat lost some of her lead by going too far down before com- ing about: but, notwithstanding this incident, she maintained her supremacy. On getting past the West Buoy the Thorne got ahead of the Querida, and began rapidly to outrun the Barbet. The times at this were as follows :— H. M. S. Barbet. 4 58 30 Thorne 0 0 30 Querida 5 0 45 May 5 9 0 Confined to the four above-mentioned boats, a fine race was run home. Very soon after the restart the Barbet was overtaken by the Thorne, and when withm about a quarter of a mile from the mark boat, the Thorne by clever tactics got the windward of her rival, and this took the wind out of her sails. This manoeuvre was instrumental in gaining the victory, and amidst cheering she passed the mark boat, fol- lowed soma 200 yards by the Barbet. The boats finished in the folIo wing order :— H. M. S. Thorne 5 26 10 Barbet 5 26 32 Querida 5 27 30 New Moon ,5 49 0 Assegi 5 5 0 The other boats did not complete the course. lae arrangements, in the hands of Mr H- J. Vell- cott and Mr I-la,-vy, the saibng secretary, were all f. j?0" 0 desired, the event passing off in a highly satisfactory manner.


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