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ttuBocateii her. ""Th fhe grasp of 5Iarniitdiike Deano she was now quite helpless, and in five minutes he Had carried her to a small hut once used for shelter e of peat cutters in the adjacent swampy ground. The seizure had been so suddenly tnade that poor Minnie had not an opportunity of defending herself, and now she was quite helpless. A bandage was placed over her eyes, and in a semi-unconscious condition she was, after a pause for rest, carried and partly dragged through the wood to some place where a horse and trap were waiting. She recognised the champing of the bit, aruVmew that she was about to be carried away. Marn.aduke Deane was panting with passion and excitement. He had gone too far to retract, and he knew it. He inti,t now go through the job in any cae, and carry her away out of the country and across the sea before daylight. Minnie felt a cold chill come over her, and with a deep sigb she fell back in her abductor's arms insensible. 11 Now's the time," said Sandy Sam. "Get her into the cart and away with you. She's fainting. You'll find the boat ready at the creek yonder. There is plenty to eat in the little hut on the hill- side. No one ever goes up there now; thereat nothing to be shot, I suppose. Be off, and good luck to you. Here's her bundle. I'll follow ye and take the trap.' Marmaduke, scarcely believing that he had so easily succeeded, and yet dreadfully alarmed at the success of his plans, did not wait to say good-bye. He laid the poor girl gently down, and, getting into the phæton; drove rapidly away. In about half-an-hour he reached the creek, and found the boat ready. The night was calm and still. Not a soul was near, and the wretched man half lifted, half assisted the almost inanimate form from the seat upon which she reclined and put her into the stern sheets of the boat. He had, however, to lay her down, as Minnie was still helpless, and, cursing his luck, he pushed the boat nearly out, when he remembered he had not fastened the horse's bridle.. C" 1-' He leaped ashore, and tied the animal to the adjacent paling. Not a minutevwas expended in the process, and then, with a hasty step and beating heart, he turned to the boat again. But the boat and Minnie had both disappeared ,#To io &vntinu#d.)