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I Correspondence. I THE FORWARD MOVEMENT. To the Editor of the Penarth Chronicle. Sir,It is with deep regret that I have to inform the people of Penarth, through the columns of your paper, of the discontinuance of the Mission formerly 0 irried on under the auspices of the Cardiff Presby- terian 14orward Movement owing to the committee being quite unable to secure a suitable site for build- ing, and the heavy expense which would be involved by the buying out of property for that purpose; Every effort was made by the Movement to continue the work, and it is with very great reluctance they are compelled by exigencies of the case to withdraw from this place at the same time they feel it is per- fectly useless to think of continuing the Mission under present arrangements, as we were only able to get Andrews' Lesser Hall on Sundays. In order to ensure success, however, it was necessary to have a place were service could be held every evening this we failed to get, and this fact, together with the rea- son before alluded to, led the Committee to give up the Centre hero- I am glad to say that, notwithstanding our great difficulties in the past, we have made some progress: We had a Church of about 37 and 100 hearers on an average. Some branches of the work were particu- larly healthy, especially our Young People's Meeting, and the Mission Band,. *1 may state, too, that the little Church has been in- vited by the Rev. J. M. Saunders, on behalf of his Church, to join the friends at the Presbyterian Chapel, Plassey-street, and that it has been decided by my people to accept the invitation. Consequently, after next Sunday they will throw in their lot with that people. With personal thanks to the public for past sympathy, I am, &c., HENRY HARDING. Penarth, May 29th, 1895.


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