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--------Weekly Notes by Quirkpepip.…

—————-.-, :!!. Ojiginal Poetry.

.. The Cogan School Board…



Volunteer Intelligence. CLASS FIRING COMPETITIONS. The above competitions will take place on Tuesday next, at 10 30 a.m.. under the following- conditions —Each competitor will fire 21 rounds at 200 yards, 7 rounds kneeling, 7 standing, 7 lying down. Targets as for class firinol:- 1st Prize-Silver-mounted meerschaum pipe 2nd „ —Silver-mounted stick 3rd "—Silver-mounted pipe 4th „ -Silver-mounted cigar holder 5th „ —Tobacco pouch REVOLVER COMPETITION. A revolver competition will take place on Tuesday next, at 12.30 p-m-, under the following conditions —Each competitor will fire 6 rounds with the right hand; distance 25 yards Bisley targets no revolver to be used except ones carrying Government amUDl- tion :-lstprize, clock- -<- A STIMULATING, SUSTAINING CUP —MADE INSTANTLY. A small spoonful of Cadbury's Cocoa, with boil- I ing water or milk will ma ke a large breakfast cup of the most delicious, di- gestible, absolutely pure and nourishing cocoa, of 1 lie greatest strength and finest flavour, entirely free from any admixture. Pure, wholesome, and cheap, and has no superior in the market."—Hygiene,

- -'•* ICorrespondence.


.-... Presbyterian Church.