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I Alleged Detention in a Convent.…


Penarth District Goiliicil.


& tor respecting- the delay, and the matter will come up again at the Council meeting next Monday. The Clerk intimated that he had received various letters offering a loan of f2,000 for the carryirg out of the road improvements, one offering it at X3 7a 6d, another £3 15s., and another 4 per cent. He was instructed to accept the first. The tenders for the work being more fa\ curable than was anticipated a discussion arose as to the amount to be borrowed. The Local Government Board had consented to the borrowing of X2,000, cl but the tender accepted was only £1,360 18s lOd. Mr Morgan suggested that we should borrow the X2,600, and add the salary of the Road Inspector to the amount of the tender, or a portion of it. It was stated that there would be, probably, extras which bad not been calculated upon to the extent of £ 100. In answer to a question by Mr Thomas. The Clerk reported that the Local Government Board refused to grant a longer time than ten years for the repayment of the loan. Mr T, Bevan objected to borrowing money antici- pating extras. They had accepted a tender for XI,360 18s lOd, and thought that only sufficient money to carry out that tender should be applied for The Chairman: It is not necessary that we should spend it all if we get it. Mr Bevan If we get it we shall spend it. It was ultimately agreed to borrow XI,500, Mr T. Bevan being the only one to oppose the amount. Mr Morgan: I pity the men who will do the work for the sum named. The Surveyor said that complaints were being re- ceived from persons all over the town about the in- sufficiency of the street watering, and also about the tipping cf refuse in the quarry opposite Albert- crescent. Mr T. Bevan corroborated what was said about the dust fron the tipping of the refuse in the quarry, and Mr Guy had also received complaints, but Mr Lloyd had not heard anything of it. It was resolved to purchase a smaller watering van which could be used for watering the roads in course of repair, &c., and to advertise for it, so that the local ironmongers might supply it. A committee was also appointed, consisting of Messrs W. L. Morris. Snell, Purnell, and Thomas, to go with the Surveyor and examine the staad pipes and see where additional ones can be placed, so as not to hare such a loss of time in going to get the vans full. Mr T. Bevan reported that, with Mr Morgan, he had waited upon Mr Andrews respecting the urinal in Ludlow-lane, but they found him immoveable, and would not reduce the amount he had asked. so that it might be enlarged. They considered the price In exorbitant. The Surveyor stated that ft was now paid, but he would not consent to anything less than £6 annually to make the alteration in size. Mr Lloyd The place is now most disgusting, and the situation of it is bad. Mr Guy suggested whether another position for it Could be found. The Surveyor thought if it were placed in the middle of the load by Bray's lamp it would not be so noticeable as to have anyone jumping out from such a hole in the wall when not expected. Mr Snell Leave it with Messrs Morgan and Bevan to try and find a better site and report on it again- Mr Lloyd: Is that only to shelve it ? I propose that it be removed altogether. It wis ultimately referred back to the committee. Mr R. Bevan thought the urinal between Lord- street and Maughan-street was a great nuisance, and the sooner it was removed the better. This was leferred to the same committee. Plans were passed for alterations to Roxburgh, Park-road; for Mr Brain; additions to 14, Windsor- road, for Mr Johnson alterations to Old Post Office, Winasot-ioad, for Mr Johnson: and also the new Baptist Chapel in Stan well-road. The pians for the Pier lavatories were again before the committee, and they were passed conditionally that the pipes be carried back under the pier into the Esplanade wall, and connected with the main sewer. Mr Snell said that the Pier Company were willing to carry the pipes out to low water level as far as their own sewer pipes, but that was one of the strong points in their opposition to the CarditF Jorporation Bill last year, and what they then objected to they could not now allow. Plans were passed for the erection of six houses in Dingle-road by Mr Morris. Mr Morris called attell,tion t'o the dangers of the confounded level crossing. lIe was glad that the local Tress had taken the matter up. What he was about to 'ell the Council was not hearsay, but what be actually saw. Last Friday morning, as the nine o'clock passenger train was coming up, the en°-ine- driver had actually to stop the train and get off the engine and lift a little child off the rails, and if he had not done so the child would have been kiiled. In face of this, he thought the Council ought to adopt the strongest measures possible. Mr Snell; Wait until the Council meeting. There) is a letter here from the of the Intermediate f Schools which will bear upon the same thing. I Mr fl Bevan did not see that the letter would have any reference to level crossings. The letter was read, and it asked the CouLeil to do +- its best to provide better communication between the two parts of the town. Mr R. Bevan: Would it not be better to draw Mr B asley's attention to the incident of last Friday morning ? Mr S. Thomas Would it not be a simple matter to get an order to close the crossing altogether and use the bridge in the interest of the lives of the children of the district ? The Clerk: The Board of Trade decided that the bridge was not a sufficient substitute for the crossing'. Mr It Bevan I propose that Mr Beasley's atten- tion be drawn to last Friday's incident, and that he be asked to place a man in charge. This was seconded and carried through without further discussion- Mr Thomas I object to the motion being carried through without my having an opportunity to move an amendment. You did not ask if there was any amendment. Mr Snell; Were you to move an amendment it would not be seconded. Mr Thomas I object; you do not know what my amendment was to be, and consequently do not ktow whether it would be seconded or not unless you have the Council by the nose. Do you role that I cannot now move an amendment ? Mr Snell: Yes! Mr Purnell: I have noticed that some of the trees about have nearly half their bark stripped off through horses being fastened to them- I propose that they be all wired. v seconded, and said he thought it was *r 8 k°rses- he said with a sly glance at Mr Guy. & Mr Thomas suggested that it was done by some of the builders' ill-fed horses. The proposition- was carried, and the Council dispersed.