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THE I PenaHli & .District BILLPOSTING COMPANY OFFICE: — ) }J (.t, 'Il 15 Windsor Road, PENAETB I iillpostiug AND Advertising ALL ITS BRANCHES, IN F-ENARTH, (JOG AN, LLANDOUGH, LECKWITH, 'EAST BROOK, LAVERNOCK &c, &c, &c. _u. ——— ros. fs fp ,S IINLSAM oz. A I t I \f;,fV i tz M *p& w kj>&^ »»d *&3 i&iik Jit'lia Ð Jfr i t j >j Foi 3 i^g I^lCatl I J> \-r< s o p«'-•» • <SAFF '>■ :n"; r.r. Wraj-.pors. M • is ;s.j:jn. %Ql f> BY C3 EVERYWHERE. iTT~mm, jSA&lcs licsxn Daiy, I' 34, WIIDSGR fiO A3 PENARTH. we Milk, Fresh B'uttor Poultry and owl Laid Eggs. ab Trial solicited. Quality Guaranteed. ALFRED TOWHILL, 79, (rleoe Street, Penar-th. Ofstors, Hiissels, and. Cockles. FRESH' jl«H DAILy Established over a Quarter of a- Century,. t B|P in FAMILY BUTCHER, TD 'T A rjn "w A -IT STREET AN'D GLEBE STREET T (8 And at Holton Road, Bany Dock, ;It private Sia? m~ar Qards PRINTED AT SPECIALLY LOW PRICES.' AT THE .4 r'TI PENARTH CHROMCLEOFFICE ) i _ia- 'Ji ,f!- _iL, C JL.J ,JL..J Jl" -=:na.1.N.1L.:J LADIES' & GENTS1 VISITING CARDS. INVITATION & AT HOME" CARDS. BALL PROGRAMMES & MENU CJ\RIJS The Cheapest in the District. -\<¿' ,=,2Ø:: BOOKBINDING v' ià ";jiÇ. ,t.J,t L' 'J1 IN EVERY STYLE AHi> QUALITY ESTIMATE GIVEN FOR ALL CLASSES OF WORK Chronicle Printing Works, Penarth .raroESHgHEaaBa^ AJP' assEs; Beatty's Pianos °*S38 [' Catalogue free AdoTrss Piwniei F. • fealty U I'.shin^- New Jersey 1ft:M'l'1'J.' Printed and Published by James Fergusson Pickford UiTit-e. A real-street and Flassev's^e Penan*, in ihe Covin T of Glamorgan.