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Weekly Notes by Quirkpepip.




best and truest sense. There I found several letters awaiting- me, con- gratulating me upon reaching the zenith of happiness and bliss., I gratulzitinc, me upon reachingfhe zenith of happiness On3 was from my old chum Murphy. I am pleased to say that be has exerted a beneficent influence upon his wife, and that they are jogging along quite comfortably- This morning- when I awoke from my slumbers I also awoke from my dream. After all, I find that it is quite true that I am really married. I have been busy since breakfast. preparing for our trip. My housekeeper will look after the hous3 while we are away. She was very much cut up at first be- cause I did not have her for my wife; but some one els6 has soothed her savage breast and they will be married soon- Thus, undoubtedly, some terrible tragedy has been averted. My dear 1 ttle wife has just come in. She puts her tiny little hand on my shoulder) and looking into my face with gladsome eyes, she says playfully "Are you happy now, you foolish boy; are you quite sure you do not repent marrying me ? I simply answer, as my arm steals round her slender waist, and I kiss the shiiiing south "Yes, darling, I am perfectly satisfied." To be Continued•