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Notes and Comments.


Notes and Comments. S<)ME children playing about the level crossing on Tuesday as the 6 p.m. traiu from CardiiT was coming up, had a very narrow escape with their lives. Not jintil the train was within two or three yards of them flid they appear to realise their danger. Another moment, and they would probably have been cut to pieces. Surely our District Council* with all the powers they possess, can do something to compel the protection of this dangerous spot. If the Council is responsible, then they should not shirk their respon- sibility but if the railway authorities, then no time should be lost in forcing their hands. With the in- creased population in this immediate district, the dangers to life will be increased, and it is a great shame that it should be necessary for some life to be sacrificed before the path is properly protected. IF some men are not born with silver spoons in their mouths, fortune seems to smile pleansantly upon their pathway through life, more especially when they connect themselves with the "Persever- ance Association-" One such example is the brother of our esteemed townsman, Mr rr. Emlyn Jones. From his"early boyhood Mr C. Emlyn Jones took a I deep intArest in .music, and possessing an unusually fine voice, it that with nersr- Vlu, _>erance and care he would become one of iuo country's pride and boast. He has persevered, and laurel after laurel he has won honour upon honour has been bestowed, and to-day he has the enviable distinction of being cne ot the best tenors in the country, lie is now under the finest of all voice trainers in the world- Randegger, and that grand musical director, Daniel Mayer, has secured his services for five years to come. On Saturday last he was engaged singing at the Queen's Ilall, London, and the enthusiasm of the audience was intense. I congratulate Mr Jones, and hold him up as an example of patience and persever- ance to the young people of Penarth.

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