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to;, THE Penarth & District I,, fp STING GompANY # OFFICE: — r6 Windsor Road, fciiuv PENARTH i- lpostllig AND N314(lvertisiiig ALL ITS BRANCHES.-IK VENARTH, .(JOG AN, ^fc LL AN DO UGH, LECKWITif > I5ASTBROOK, LAY3SRN0CK i< I, &C, &c, kc- { -f- cowrs SKL$AJW l.4'>. Hm £ M K^' < POWELLS SBALS AB or ANISEED For ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, NICH1 COUCH, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, AND ALL .,0 LUNQ TROUBLES. eAFIl AND reliable. «. Ert'sPHahed 70 Yean. •fwdc Mark on Wrappers. Bewlft SOLD BY CHEMISTS EVERYWHERE. to Bottle*! \*l. S/3. 4/8* «b4 "A /}. T. PHILPOTT, Maohen Da,ty, ZSA, WIIDSOR ROAD PENARTH. uw Milk, Fresh Butter Poultry and New Laid Eggs. f. .1 Trial solicited. Quality Guaranteed. ALFRED TO Will LL, .79, Glebe Street, PexiQ>rthi -If> Oysters. lussels, and Cockles, m M ,H<1H wm, m Established over a Quarter of a Century I ORNW LL mm mm DAVID CORNWELL FAMILY BUTCHER PLASSEYSTRE Err AND '— GL B r-i STREET i~. PENARTH. And at Holton Road, Barry Dock. l cpvpift#. 9/yp fiftrf/c 4/ I i/f/f ^l&ll# l/lff (id PRINTED AT SPECIALLY LOW PRICES. AT THE PEN A RTH CHRONICLE OFFICE '■■ V "I. "v LADIES' & GENITS' VISITING CARDS. INVITATIONS "AT HOME" CARDS. BALL PROGRAMMES & MENU CARDS The Cheapest in the District. 11 IMlI I l BOOKBINDING IN EVERY STYLE AND QUALITY, I • ESTIMATE GIVEN FOR ALL CLASSES OI< WORK Chronicle Printing Works, Penarth I now Beatty's Pianos «"iTiS Catalogue free Attn* VM\t.1 F. WmWpj. WS,Ji|W iuty J Printed and Published by James Fetguseoo Pickford I at Vis Office, Arcot-street and PIAIOOY-Itre, P«|fSt., la (Jons*; gteawgMi