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Fire at Cogan Hall Farm.


Fire at Cogan Hall Farm. „T?n I ue.sday, about 11 a.m., a farm labourer named v\ ilham Smiih discovered that a large hay rick, the property of Mr William Blake, of Cogan Hall Farm, which fronts the pI ivate road leading from Cogan to Lavernock, was on fire. It was a large rick contain. ing some of the best clover hay in the district, and immediately adjoining it was another rick still larger* 9 n Smith immediately gave the alarm, and Mrs Blake, whose husband had sailed for America for a three montns trip only the previous Saturday, drove at onca to the Penarth Police Station and informed Inspector Roberts of the occurrence. The latter im- mediately ordered out the manual engine, and within a remarkably short line after receiving information of the fire the 1-rigade were on the scene. It wis too late, however, to admit of any hope of saving ihe ricks !or in the mean time the other rick, which was but barely separated from that in which the flames origi- nated, had caught fire; and there being a strong north-east wind blowing it was already enveloped in flames, so the brigade adopted the best course possible for loosening the hay as much as they could in order that it might be the more speedily consumed, and thus minimise the danger of the flames spreading to the adjoining church and farm buildings, which were only separated from the burning ricks by a low wall, Fortunately there was a good supply of water handy, and soon a good stream of water was being poured on the roof of the church, which has only just been newly restored, this course having the effect of keeping the building- cool and the better able to withstand the scorching heat of the flan-ie3, which rose to a great height- Moreover, the wind was blowing in a con- trary direction, and considerably aided; the efforts of the brigade in their work of saving the adjoining buildings. The two ricks contained altogether aboufc 150 tons of hay, vilued at about £ 500, which, we un- derstand. is partly, if not wholly covered by insurance, now the fire originated is a mystery, though there seems no doubt that it must have been the result of a lighted match thrown carelessly or intentionally amongst the hay. On -Thursday" morning, the Penarth fire manual was again requisitioned, it having been reported i fiat sparkat from t:ie smouldering hayricks had set afire the old Church and Cogan Hall Farm- One of our represen- tatives, therefore, proceeded to the spot, but happily found such was not the ;case, and there is no likeli- hood of a further conflagration, as the two ricks are entirely consumed.

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