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MR. THOMAS'S PERTINACITY. Mr Thomas was not sure of his being in order in mentioning again Batchelor and Snowdon's claim but, if he remembered aright, he gave notice of motion to ask the Surveyor a few questions on the matter. He thought it a great shame of the Council not to allow a small committee to investigate the claims of one of their most respectable citizens. MrCyril Batchelor was a friend of his of 30 years' staading, but he would do the same for a foe. The firm had made a clear case, and it was therefore grossly improper for them to be So upstart as not to bear what the aggrieved party had to say. Legal and expert opinion had been taken in the case, and they were really and substantially en- titled to something. Upon the Chairman asking if Mr Thomas wished to propose anything Mr Thomas replied, I don't propose anything. I'm Simply giving you my mind." 0 Murmurs of dissent being heard, Mr Thomas seized the opportunity, and proposed that the minute de- clining to further investigate Messrs Batchelor and Snowdon's claim be rescinded. Mr R. Bevan seconded. Messrs Thomas, LJoyd, R. Bevan, and W, L. Morris voted for it, and Messrs Morgan, Snell, Purnell and Strawson against it- Board PurDe11 th01^ v6ty UQra"* to the old Mr Strawson deprecated the precedent; every case in dispute could be raised again. Mr Thomas: I don't think there was one ton the Board who understood it. Jfr Snell: I'm very much obliged to Mr Thomas. Mr Thomas; You are quite welcome, quite wel- come to it. Mr Snell: This is infinitely ridiculous Mr Thomas I move that Messrs Snell, L. Purnell, T. Bevan, and myself be appointed the committee. Mr Snell: I decline to act. Mr Purnell: So do I. Mr Guy: The Surveyor is anxious to have it thrasnedout. If carefully considered, the commit- tee may discover fresh features. I propose the Chair- man be added to the committee. Mr Snell: I decline. I don't see how we can go on against our own contract. The Chairman; Mr Thomas deserves it for his pluck. Mr Thomas I don't want to be thought plucky or courageous- The Surveyor: If not out of order, I should like Mr Snell and Mr Purnell on the committee. The Chairman In common fairness to Mr Evans I altered my mind, and now vote for the in. vestigation. Mr Snell said no more on the subject, but whether he gave a tacit assent or is still determined to adhere to his determination not to stultify the old Board re- mains to be seen. MISCELLANEOUS. The Pier Company submitted lavatory plans of the drains which would pass out to sea, but upon Mr Snell's suggestion, it was resolved that these drains must be connected with the public sewer. Mr Purnell gave notice of motion that the Surveyor be kept to principal's work, and not be worried with petty work, and that Mr T. Meazey be appointed inspector of house building at an increased wage of £ 10 or il5 Der annum, Provisional sanction was given for the Water Witch" to ply as a beach pleasure boat.


Fire at Cogan Hall Farm.

Volunteer Intelligence.