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borne witn me ten Stanley," said Sir IValter. Bring your wife and your daughter-in-law and her j child, if you like. Anyone may get in and have a ride and a pleasant journey with some beer at the ,end of it. Come along!" I'll go," said old Stanley-a kind of patriarch in the neighbourhood-" I'll go, sir, and bring Jans nd the young oneil: Don't you be a fool, father," said the younger .anley, who had been seen by Edward Watson the ight before. Don't you go." "Why not ? We don't bear malice. There's no personal feelin' in it, least not me. No, I'll go, and Jane shall come too." "Jane shan't," replied the" striker." "I I'ua her master, anyway. You go if ye like, but take the consequences." "He must mean something," ex-claimed young Watson, who had received a hint from his father. -"They've been doing something underhand, and bringing you all under the law—depend upon it." If he has he'll smart for it," cried several. No skulkin'. Come along, lads. We'll take him with us; and you, Coles, you come, too." "Not me," replied Coles, shaking his head. I've an appointment." Ye must," exclaimed the men, determined to prove they had been straight." You're a leader, and up ye go. Come on, lads; we'll put them in." The two men were hurried into a carriage, and kept there. Several of the children climbed up, and the elder Stanley, with his reluctant son, his wifa and children, were all shut up in the train, which two'at least of the party did not believe would ever reach its destination. "Checkmate," cried Sir Walter, as the train started. Elward, my boy, the strike is over. The question is now settled. We will give them a frigid and you'll see the men will return. Yonder is tile viaduct. Now for it!" tT. i, continued.)