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1 —■ | NOTICE OF REMOVAL. E. A. IIOOFEirS FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT Is THE BEST FOB ALL CLASSES OF FUNERALS. FURNITURE REMOVED To all parts of the KINGDOM. WINDSOR MEWS, SALOP ST., PENARTH PRIGE LIST ON APPLICATION. v-7 ——————— FIREWOOD! FIREWOOD!! BLOCKS, BUNDLES, CHOPPED STICKS at the Penarth Firewood Supply 57, and 58, SALOP STREET, Penarth, PB G. 0. PewBisii, PROFESSOR OF MUSIG, Organist and Choir-Master of Windsor Road Jongre- gational Church. Receives and Visits Pupils for INSTRU- MENTAL, VOCAL & THEORETI- CAL Tuition Pupils prepared for the various local Musical Examinations. NUMEROUS FIFST CLJkSS TESTIJ40plfkbS Prospectus may be had on application Address—Mozart House Windsor Road. WIlslalAM CAMPBELsL. Glass ancl flhiia Burner & Ri vi tar 65, SALOP STREET r, Xfeaattb. New Springs and Guards put in Cattitilig Frks All binds of Cutlery ground and set. No connection with any other person in the trade. 'm_ BREAK:F AST-SUPPEB. moon NEW& walk, AIN& s IN GBATEFTO—COaSFORVENG. C O-C 0 A BOlLZyq WATER OR MILK. I M lis A £ jf, CELEBRATED ORGANS & PIANOS, For Catalogues, address, DANIEL F. BEATTY W ANTED. An apprentice to the Dressmaking.- Apply Mrs Davies, 2, Ivy Street, Penarth. MR. & MRS. BUCKLAND, Wardrobe and Fur- 1"L niture Dealers. The Oldest Established Dealer in Penarth.-57 and 58, Salop Street. w ANTED, a sharp youth at the "Chronicle Piinting Works, Penarth. DAILY Work, Cleaning, required by respectable J person.—Address Mrs. King, 4, High Street. Penarth. INSTRUCTIONS in Violin and Shortband.-26, Ivy -*■ Street, West Cottages, Penarth. A FAMILY'S WASHING Wanted- Good Shirt and Collar Dresser. Apply—41. Pill Street. Cogan. FOR SALE, a Paroquete and cage. Will take 10/6 the lot. Apply-A. Maggs, 44, Plassty Street, Penarth. T* WO Stall Stable and Coach House to Let, by week or lease.—Apply, H J Pitche, Decorator, Station Road WANTED Apprentices to the dressmaking.— Apply Misses Thorne and Davies 20 Windsor Road Penarth. "Deepectable Boy Wanted, boots,, knives &c- Also \J Girl for one-and-a-half hours every evening, and all day Saturdays.—Apply Sketch, 25 Hickman Road, Penarth. w ANTED. An outdoor apprentice to the Tailoring —Apply, G. Brockington and Son. YOU WILLNEVER GET WELL I HUGHES'S- UNTIL YOU TAKE | £ £ QQQ g Try what you may, the system will never be eradicated of Disease until the Direct and | Specific Remedy for the Blood is taken, Hughes's Blood Pills In L For Bad Blood, contains the germs of all the Ailments which trouble the Human System, permeating every organ of the Body, dis- turbing their duties, and bringing the Nervous System to that despondent state which often prefer Death to Lite HENCE HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS SECURE PURE BLOOD VIGOROUS DIGESTION 2EALTHF SKIN SOUND KIDNEYS } THONG NERVES STRONG ART .^ACTIVE LIVERj and Happy & lively Spirits HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS CURE SCURVEY SKIN RASH TORPID LIVER INDIGESTION HEADACHE DYSPEPSIA BILIOUSNESS CONSTIPATION RHEUMATISM NERVOUSNESS PILES, FITS I A BOX OF HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS THEY ILL BRING YOU HEALTH, JOY, HAPPINESS And enable you to follow your occupation with comfort and pleasure SEND for a Box from any Chemist or Dealer ir Patent Medicines. They are sold at l/l, 2/9, 4/6 DON'T be persuaded to cake any Substi- tute, but see that you get the Geuuine Sort, with the TRADE jLARK, shape of a Heart on a Red Label, on each Box, or send direct enclosing 1/3, 2/11, or 4/9, to the Maker, JACOB HUGHES, Manufacturing Chemist, Peudrlh, who will mail them by return <' ,h ,?7\, ¡; SAMUEL GARWOOD, Salop Street, PRACTICAL Layer of Drain Pipes and W.C. Repairer. Mason Work &c. undertaken Over 25 Years' experience. Excellent References given. Home-made Bt.1tead. E. BISHOP, CONFECTIONER 4, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. Sole Agent for LIPTON'S TEAS.

3rd V.B. Welsh Regiment.