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= Penarth Lodge, I.O.&.T.…

..... Weekly Notes by Quirkquepip.…

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Shipping Casualty at Penarth.…


Shipping Casualty at Penarth. by Last Friday morning, at eight o'clock, the Sg. Leda, p!I ,h n TrS M.°rel Bfos" was proceeding out of Penar h Dask^Hna when neariug the locks, it Id alleged, the engines were put ahe «d instead of astern, thereby cansing her to violetitl t. .Hide with the quay wall. The impost was aufficien 10 carry aw iy the coping stones and to seriously damage the boat's stern and plates. Captain L™?Iois, who was in charge, as in ormed of the mishap, and was promptly on the spot, when it was discovered that she was leaking and a t sptJing down. The Dock Company's tug, Prim- rasp, was at once requisitioned, and with her powerful engines quickly reduced the water in her hold. The Leda was then ordered to a crane to discharge cargo, the Primrose still being in attendance.

I 4--JLb ! Attempted Burglary…

Stabbed in the Back.