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-that the musical poition of the services in God's Louse should be so slovenly rendered. Good music as the life and soul of a service. Hymns properly sung tells upon the minister as well as the congrega- tion, and m)ye to greater earnestness- Music is a gift of the Author of Nature, and has been be- stowed upon us for the purpose of augmenting our happiness. We hear music in almost eyerything- the wind. the waters, the cries ot animals, the notes of birds, yea, and even in our machinery; but the best of all is that produced by the human voice. then we ought to use our voices to God's glory, and it should be our study to make all our musical exer- cises as perfect a. possible. We know that among youBg people there is a tendency to roam our skeots and Public places, more especially during the cummer months, but our experience is that, after all. good music is more attractive than sport; hence we urge » an occasional unitedVathering would tend to elevate our young people by preparing them for higher and nobler life, their efforts would afford occa- sional delight to large assemblies, yea, and their voices would be trained, and their minds, too, for the purer worship of God. Evidences are not wanting, even enarth, to show that God uses the choir, as well as the preacher, to his own glory, and with these' tacts befors us we say choir leaders ought to be 0 stimulated to do all in their power to encourage voice cultivation, and a desire on the part of their choirs to Use their powers to the best advantage. Would this be gained by an annual united gathering ? We think so, to a great extent. Knowledge would be gained' the voice would be trained, and unconsciously every individual member would be compelled, in conse- quence, to give pleasure to his fellow. Musically, Penarth was more advanced ten or fifteen years a^o than to-day. Higher class concerts were given, the musical societies aimed at greater things and accom- plished them, and we believe this was attributable to the fact that the Eisteddfod was then a leading feature in the events of the year, being conducted for the benefii of theWelsh Baptist Chapel,the Good Templars,&c\ We -commend the idea of a united musical festival to the consideration of the leaders of our various choirs, and shall be pleased to throw open our columns for the discussion of the, question. We have set the ball .rolling at the request of two or three friends, and ihope something practical will result. ALLOTMENTS FOR WORKING MEN WE note that on Friday in next week, a public meeting is to be held in the Jubilee Hall, for the purpose of making arrangements for allotments in Penartb, for the establishment of another Association, and for the election of officers and committee to take the general management of the same. All who wish io become allotment holders are invited to the meeting as well as others interested in the allotments question. Lord Windsor and his agents, Messrs Forrest and Snell, bwve always shown a disposition to hdln n working men in this direction, and we are pleased to learn that a couple of fields have now been offered on very moderate terms for garden purposes. Mr Guy, With one or two other gentlemen, have been in com- munication with Mr Snell, and the meeting is being «a ed by them. There are on the books of Penarth i o. 1) Association the names of about 100 persons requiring land, so that there should be a large atten- dance at the meeting.

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