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Penarth. Now Post Office.

PenaTtli District Council.…


PenaTtli District Council. NEW FIRE APPARATUS NOT NECESSARY. OPENING OF TENDERS. COMPLAINTS OF DISGUSTING LANGUAGE ON THE BEACH. CHURCH AVENUE DIFFICULTY. The Public Works and Health Committee met on Monday night, Mr H. Snell being the Chairman. There were present Messrs T. and R. Bevan, W, L. Morris, J P. D. Morgan, L- Purnell, S Thomas, J. Y. Strawson, J. Pavey, the Clerk, Surveyor, Inspector and Mectical Officer. The last named official reported that during the month of March, there were registered 31 births, 18 males and 13 females, corresponding to a rate of 27.5 per 1,000 per annum- The number of deaths was 26, equal to 23 1 per 1,000 per annum. This heavy death rate was due to the Influenza epidemic. Of the causes of death 1 was from diphtheria, 4 influenza, 1 whooping cougb, 7 respiratory diseases, 1 consump- t'on, 1 accidsi t, and 11 from diseases not neceassarily classified, Of the ages of those who died 7 were ur der 1, 2 between 1 and 5. 3 between 5 and 25, 6 I between 25 and 60 and 8 ware 60 years and upwards, 22 deaths occurred in Penarth, 1 in Llandough and 3 in Cogan. The Medict-1 Officsr* next urged the vital necessity of having the drains of new houses tested betore occupation. Upon the motion of Mr Purnell, seconded by Mr Strawson, the Council adopted the doctor's recom. mendation. It was decided, upon the recommendation of the Surveyor, to number or renumber Stanwell Road, Albert Road, and Dock Road, upon the old system. Mr Sam Thomas said it was time, too he had applied innumerable times tor a number to his house. There was another Mr Thomas living not far from him, the coneequence being that they were constantly receiving each others letters? bills, and parcels. (Laughter.) A letter was read from Mr Billingham, the Esplanade, complaining of the disgusting language used by a certain class occupying the public seat situated immediately opposite his house. Mr R. Bevan elicited that the seat had been in its present location since the Jubilee year. The Surveyor, at this juncture, advocated railing the Esplanade similarly to that adopted at Weston- super-mate. There was no gainsaying that the absence of any rail at the edge was a source of great danger, especially to children. The seats, by this means, couid be placed nearer to the same. Finally, the matter re the seat, was left to the Surveyor' discretion, but the question of railing was left in abeyance. The following plans were passed:—Nine houses in Woodland Place, additions to National School, two villas in Plymouth Road, with the proviso that two drains be laid down instead of one. as shown in the plan. Mr Chivers applied for permission to construct a wall in place of a fence. It was, however, shown that the highway would thus be encroached upon, and the application was therefore not granted' The following tenders for Stanwell Road sewer were opened:—\i. Meazey and Son, .£77 17s Od; Escott and Ford, £7\J 6s 6d James Turner, X-55 9s 6d. Tin h:st mentioned was accepted. Railings for Ferry Lane and Hill Street £ a. d. T. Palmer and Co., 30 9 2 F-Mortimer and Co,, Liveipjol 50 10 0 Hill and Staff H' 49 18 9 R. P. Auskings 80 15 0 Wm Rowe, AdamVtown 36 2 6 G Kyte. Atlas Engine Works 44 12 6 E. Allen; Plassey Street 47 16 3 David Evans, Eagle Foundry, Llandaff 43 11 3 It having been discovered that something had been missed out in Palmer's tender, the next lowest, that of Rowe's, was accepted, subject to the Council's sanction. Mr T- Bevan directed attention to the want of crossings between Salop Street and Albert Crescent, and Albert Road and Albert Crescent. It was decided to recommend the Council to lay them. Church Avenue private improvements scheme,after being discussed in exlenso, was again referred to com- mittee. Were it deemed sufficient to make only a gravel path and chaunel, the cost would be X160 asphalted X276. To pave channel and kerb the cost would be X234, the original estimate being .£331. Mr R. Bevan moved, and Mr Pavey seconded,that it be simply a gravel path; but upon the amendment of Mr Lloyd, seconded by Mr Strawson, the matter was lett over for a week. The Fire Brigade Sub-committee reported that the overhauling of old fire engine proved that it only wanted another hose- It was decided to secure this.

------Penarth (Nonconformist)…

Death of Mr James Gory, Penarth.

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