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NOTICE OF REMOVAL. E. A. HOOPERS FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT Is THE BEST FOR ALL CLASSES OF FUNERALS. FURNITURE REMOVED To all parts of the KINGDOM. WINDSOR MEWS, SALOP ST., PENARTH PRIOR LIST ON APPLICATION. ww»M»BnB«BnraBBBn«sBBWwpBBmw*WBaw a KJLiLILg "fi ag WINDSOR ROAD, PENARTH Give Best ValDe in CYCLES FOR CASH OR EASY TERMS. Inspection Invited —— Correspondence Solicited —— —— Cycles for Hire JIB G. C. ]I01tVEUiü, PROFESSOR OF mulsict Organist and Choir-Master of Windsor Road Congre- gational Church. Receives and Visits Pupils for INSTRU- MENTAL, VOCAL & THEORETI- CAL ^uition Pupils prepared for the various local Musical Examinations, NUMEROUS fIFSJ QLjXSS TESTI^i/thS Prospectus may be had on application Address—Mozart House Windsor Road. WiUUIAM CAMPBElsL. Glass and nhina Burner & BAviter 65, SALOP STREET 3fenartb. New Springs and Guards put in Gatwiag Fffks All hinds of Cutlery ground and set. — No connection with any other person in the trada. — BIU5AXFAST—-SUFPEIL E* ,EPPSS ? aRATEFUL—COMrOE-T^We. COCOA BOILING WATER OR MILK. ■ —II If ^CEL^bratID r ORGANS & PIANOS, 0 P For Catalogues, address, DANIEL F. BEATTY CHEAP POULTRY FOOD SOLD BY J. WHITE 44, Dock Road, PENARTH. 1 W. JEANS, I Coach Builder Wheelwright Shoenig and General Smith SALOP STREET, PEhAMh. Near the Plymouth Hotel.) C Ninnes DINING and IJEfRESHfllEflT lJOOfflS, 2, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. not Dinners. Tea and Coffee. Cold Meats. Abated Waters. $"'# —————— PHO l!)GR APHS RE-COPIED AND ENLARGED, ALSO PICTURES FRAMED All orIt done on the Premises. —— R. TANNER, —— Essex Cottage, New Plassey Street, PENARTH. I -1 SAMUEL GARWOOD, Salop Street, PRACTICAL Layer of Drain Pipes and W.C. Repairer. Mason Work &c. undertaken Over 25 Years' expedience. Excellent References given E6 iC 3 cl E. BISHOP, COWPSCTIOKKH 4, GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. Sole Agent for LIP TON 1 S TEAS. WOMAN'S FRIEND. RAYNE'S SPECIA L M [XT U i 13'' The most powerful and effectual medicine known. Quick, safe, and certain. Never fails to relieve and cure all irregularities, no matter how caused. Post free, with full instructions to any address 2/9 or 5/6 G. \V RAYNES, Oogan Drug Stores, 1, Penarth Dock. You can be Gavel By a proper and timely use of the great Norwegian remedy, SiA. WEED LUNG LIFE, which possesses marvellous Soothing, Tonic, and Balsamic Properties 0 for all Throat, Chest, and Lusig Complaints, it is the great cure for Sore Throats, Coaghs, Colds, Bron- chiti-s, Asthma, Hoaisetiess and Coi.it-umpi.iou Mr Andrew Wilson, of Middlesborongh, has written of it as follows ir,-Permit me to infotiii you of the great benefit derived by me from the use of Sea Weed Lung Life." I suffered from a severe cold on the chest, but after using one bottle I was quite relieved-" Immediate Relief- Prompt Cure. The European Medical Society recommends it as the most reliable for all Bronchial and Chest Diseazes Thousands are cured all over Europe. One bottle will relieve the most obstinate case. Let every sufferer gi e it a tnal- Sold at 2s 2d, and Js lid.; Post Free, s, and Is 3d. ty hole,sale Agents for Great Britain :anger and Sons, 489, Oxford Street London P.S—Send 38 or Is 3d in Stamps to Sanger auc Sons, 4S9, Oxford-street, London, for a bottle, which will be sent by return uf post to any part of he Count v. Cr to Jacob Mugbes, Manufacturing I Chemist, Pem.rtk Chief Depot. ° MR. & MRS. BUCKLANC, Wardrobe and Fur- mture Dealers The Oldest Established Dealer in Penarth.—57 aud 58, Salop Street. WANTET), a qhai,p youth at the Chronicle" f f Punting Works, Penarth. DAI™LlVori,^l6Misr' 'S-quir9d hy r«p»o'«w« Penarft '°g' HiSh Straet- INST RUCTIONS in Violin and Shorthand 26, Iry -*■ Street, West Cottages, Penartb. A *■ and Collar Dresser. APPJy_4it Pill Street. Cogan. FOR SALE, a Paroquete and cage. Will take 10/5 0 POR SALE, a Paroquete and cage. Will take 10/5 Penarth8 APPty—A. Maggs, 44, Plasty Street, rWO Stall Stable and Coach House to Let, by week or lease.—Apply, H J Pitohe, Decorator, Station Koaa WA1iTED Apprentices to the dressmaking.— d j Apply Misses Thorne and Davies 20 Windsor ttoad Penarth. O espectable Boy Wanted, boots, knives &(;- Also Ixirl for one-and-a-half hoard every evening R^d! h.ttrdi'JS-~ApF,y Sk'etCb' 25 Hickm°a Road, Penarth. WANTED. An indoor apprentice to the Tailoring -Apply, G. Brockington ad Son. YOU WILL NEVE IS GET WELL CNTIL YOU TAKE IBLOODPILLS Try what you may, the system will never bb eradicated of Disease until the Direct aud Specific Remedy for the Bbodis taken. Hughes's Blood Pills For Bad Blood, contains the germs of all the Ailments which trouble the Human System, permeating every organ of the Body, dis- lurbing their duties, and bringing the Nervous System to that despondent state which of toil prefer Death to Lib HENCE HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS SECURE PURE BLOOD VIGOROUS DIGS TROLF LEALTHJF SKIN SOUND KIDNEYS 1TRONG NERVES STRONG ART 4 ACTIVE LIVER, and iiuppy & lively Spirits fiUGiiES'S BLOOD PILLS SCURVEY" gKiN iiA.SH ? TOUP TD LIV3R INDIGESTION CURE SSfcgR JB'ILIOUSN i-jSS r I o"tT KilKu.il a i'i j iJ-i\ V \) ¡J. :¡, b b, fJ.L. TRi A BOX OF HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS THEY ILL BRING YOU HEALTH, JOY, Happies And enable you to follow your occupy ;)1;" with comfort and pleasure SEND fur a Box from any 01ic:iii,fc or Dea'er ir Patent Medicines. They are sold at Ij lk. lid DON'T be persuaded to take any Substi- tute, but see I hat yoa the Genuine Sort, r, i 11 T £ MARK, of a llWo-V a Red Label, on each B>x. or fc-il direct enclosing l/;j, 2, il. or to ilie r,laker, J -lV ikuufacturing Chamidt, i'oiiar hi who will mail them by rata a I