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THE Pen a tli & District BILIJPOSTING COMPANY OFFICE:- 15, Windsor Road, PENARTH j iillpostiug' AND Advertising ALL ITS BRANCHES. IN' VENARTH, eOG AN, LLAN DOUGH, LECKWITH, S AST BROOK, LAYERNOCK &C &c, &0. oI!IiIJÇ.J'¡ j rOV6 exLS&M I ¡ fD) PQWEEIi'S oil a ■■■' •; v- p fi m ifisife- f%W i~'JZ t :\iM L-fe> for ASTHMA, 3Hfl;tH.nTIS, NIGtr4 waetpiA, lU'-ssEKsas, ANi) AXl, t>: sr p. » «»r » ■» n I gr* t J C^ &AFP i;EUASlE, Rsfci i) • od 70 Yeare- Atarif on Wrappers. Bewsre Iti&itMSknm, feQi O BY CH6.-U3TS EVERYWHERE. la .Bottles, L 2/3, 4/6, and HI. rnffiarf, i 'I, i 1 ui i) Maclien D 1;1, 11 Ji'"S Y 1 ?4, WIIDSOE, ROAD PEN ART II. Ui-c Alilk, Fresfi Butter Poultry and New Laid Eggs Jet.! .04 i:> t,)'J 4 Trial sclicited. Quality Guaranteed. .Î, 17 ALFRED IOWHILL, 79, G-Ieoe Street, J Ousters, Mussels, and Cockles. | FRESH DAILY -T Established over a Quarter of a Century. DAVID OORNWELL FAMILY BUTCHER, PLASSEY STREET I AND GLEBE STREET f And at IIolton Road, Barry Book, J.. Private 9ieio gfear Qards PRINTED AT SPECIALLY LOW PRICES. AT THE 1)ENAR1II CIIII0NICLEOIff"ICE -h. LADIES' & GENTS' VISITING CARDS. INVITATION & "AT HOME" CARDS. BALE PROGRAMMES & MENU CARDS The Cheapest in the District. :r. l.f I"TI!A' BOOKBINDING <- ,.I.,y' ,¿ J- 'J{ IN EVERY STYLE AND QUALITY ESTIMATE GIVEN FOR ALL CLASSES 011 WORK Chronicle Printing Works, Penarth m m in iim—i—1>—II—mini n "i~iir II hi mini _JrJ "Rofi ff Tt7Q Pi ft 7133 dollars up., JJuvu «j ujf K> x. ioiii Jo Warrated 10 years. j Catalogue free Address Daniel. F. "eattv \Vashing" [ t».*»,NeV -Jersey j Printed nnd Published by James Fergusson Pbkford I ..Tl;i at Ms Office, Arcot-street and Plassey<s{re Penartt. in ibe Courtly of Glamorgan.