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Penarth Easter Vestry.

lrIr, Proud's Concert.


lrIr, Proud's Concert. On Wednesday eving last our popular artiste, Mr J. F. Proud, gave a concert in Andrews' Large Hall. We are not exaggerating when we state that, musically, it was the..treat of, 8the season, and it is to be-greatly regretted that so few thought it worth their while to-bestow upon it their patronage- Mr Proud has always shown a willingness to assist any deser- ving movement im the town,without regard tosect or creed, and it is a shame that on Wednesday evening there were so many empty benches. Possibly, the audience did not represent the number of tickets sold. We hope such was the case—and we also hope that at some future time Mr Proud will give Penarth people an opportunity of making up for the past, and if he should, we would suggest to him the advis- ability of eliciting the assistance of a local committee who; for music's sake, would be prepared to devote the necessary time and energy to make the concert a success. Punctual to time the Glee Party, which, by-the- bye, is drawn principally from Bi-ickworli-s Hollow, commenced the proceedings with the glee" Strike the Lyre," .and we are pleased to congratulate both con- ductor and parly upon the capital rendering given. Mr Proud was in fine form in "I fear no foe," his rich deep voice being very effective, especially in tl: j lower notes. The duct, Stars of the summer night," by Mr and Mrs R W Evans, was sweetly rendered. Mrs Evans is possessed of a very powerful coprano voice, which she has well under control, whilst Mr Evans is one of the sweetest tenors in the Princi- pality. Miss Annie Da vies is a magnificent contralto, and her rendition of Genevieve'' fairly electrified the tiudieuce. and a vociferous encore drew forth, in response, the song "My Uncle John." Mr Arthur Angle, as a violinist, was no less a success, but be could not be prevailed upon to respond to the demand for a repetition. The Sailor's Grave" was given by Mr Evans, and Mr Ernest Jones was warmly ap- plauded for his pianoforte solo. "Sing, sweet, bird," captivated the assembly, and Mrs Evans, in ac. knowledgment sang "1\.11 me my heart" The quartette The sea hath its pearls," was rendered in a manner which was perfectly enchanting, and the audience paid the executants a very high compliment at its close. After a short mterval the second part proceeded- Mr Arthur Angle gave two more violin solos, "Adagio" from 9th Concert^(Spohr) and Adante and Pofynaise" (Bcmcla). Miss Davies sang u Someone's little sweetheart," and, in response* to another encore, gave the "Tl Zuyder Zee." This was again encored, and Miss Davies acknowledged tha compliment by appearing on the platform, but this did not satisfy the cravings of the audience, and at length the last two verges were repeated. The duet, Mighty Jove," by Messrs Evans and Proud, was followed by Waiting," by Mrs Evans. The Glee Party sang" Sweet and low "very effectively, and then Mr Proud had Revenge," for which he was en- cored- After a song, u Beside me," by Mr Evan, the proceedings terminated with the qurtette, It Gocd evening,"