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Penarth Easter Vestry.


Penarth Easter Vestry. The annual Vestry Meeting- was held on Wednes- day night week at St Augustine's Church, the Hector occupying the chair- Among- the others present, were Messrs H. Snell, l). Rees, J- ill. Yellacott, H, Far- ther, John Davies, C. Tonkins Pickford, Greenhill, feidney Coleman, inger, George Thomas, David Thomas, and Morgan- The accounts were submitted, showing a balance of nearly X40 in hand, nd adopted netn con. PI Upon the motion of Mr Vellacott, seconded by Capt Coleman, the former complimenting the churchwardens upon the admirable way the accounts were kept, ¡' Messrs 11. Snell. and D. Rees were unanimously C3-8lected chi r .hwar "e s. as were also the following vide,suae.u :-Messrs t-0, p. Adey, Andersen, Coleman, J. Davies, Greenhill, Holt, J M. Jennings, T. S. L]c>\d, Morgan; Capt Pengelley, Shaw, G- Thomas, F. ^7yv'yan> D- Thomas, Winsom Sladen, R Fargher, T. Jenkins, lickford, and Yellacott- To these were subsequently added Messrs Walliker, Edwd p. Row- land (nominated by the Rector), Greenhill (junr,) Gibson. F. Bliss, and J, Nurton. The Rector announced that the dobt of All Saints' having been taken over by the newly constituted eccleiastical district, their way was made clear to purchase a new organ. Towards the X1300 neces- sary, Lord Windsor generously contributed £500, and the choir had also magnanimously made itself responsible for another £ 100- Mr John Duncan and Mr Lewellen Wood had also handsomely contributed £50 ef-ch, leaving a deficet of only X500, Mr Shepton was accorded a vote of thanks for pro- viding new hymn-board:^ and the organist, Mr Geo. Davies, and the choir were heartily thrtked for thei gratuitous services. Mr Snell remarked that it was contemplated to erect two new inner porches at the West end of the Church, the cost (Jing about £50. ST. PAUL'S- The offerings for the year amounted to 25 lis 8d, exclusive of XI 19s for the A'bion Colliery 2 Disaster Fund. The statement of accounts was unanimously adopted, the deficit showing only 23. Amongst others, Messrs Angove, James Jeans, and Pickford were elected sidesmen. ALL SAINTS. The balance-sheet this year was very gratifying, showing a balance of X4. The offertories exceeded that of the Ci top church," being just under £400. Mr S. A. Brain was re-elected vicar's warden, and Mr Curthoys people's warden- The following were delegabd 'o act as sidesmen for the ensutng^year :-Messrs Coates Carter? Tyson Martin, Frank Mason, H. F. Nell, Win son, Jeffreys, H. Cousins, Price, Edwin Bishop, Cawte, Eugland, Hammond, L, Purnell, S. Hern, and Harper. L" One gentleman present promised a new porch, and Mr Cousins was thanked for his present of the lectern. A committee was appointed to consider the advisability ot securing an organ.

lrIr, Proud's Concert.