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„„„,„„„„„, Penarth District…


„„„,„ „„„„ Penarth District Council, THE ALLEGED ENDANGERING OF BEACH PLEASURE BOATS BY THE BRISTOL « GREY- HOUNDS." MR TOM GRIFFITHS MAKES THE RUNNING FOR THE ROAD-FOBEMANSIIIP. UNANIMOUS EE-ELECTION OF MR W. L: MORRIS, J.P., AND MR H. SNELL. RE-CONSTITUTION OF THE PUBLIC WORKS AND HEALTH COMMITTEE. The annual meeting of the local public authority was held on Monday night, whereat all the members were present save Mr Rees. On the motion of Mr Morgan, seconded by Mr W. L. Morris, the chairmanship was vested pro. tern, in Mr Strawson, who forthwith announced that tho first business was the appointment of chairman for tho ensuiug year, whereupon, Mr Morgan moved and Mr Purnell seconded that Mr W. L. Morris be re- elected. This was agreed to neln con. Similarly, Mr Snell was re-elected vice-chairman, Mr Lloyd proposing end Mr T, Bevan seconding. Both these gent)emen suitably and happily acknowleged the honours conferred upon them. Z3 The other committees were now re-appointed, but upon Mr Lloyds suggestion and Mr Strawson's support, an innovation was adopted whereby the whole Council was included upon the Public Works and Health Committee. Mr Lloyd remarked that in company wi'b other colleagues, he was on the beach on Good Friday, when, the boatmen complained to him of the danger arising to their pleasure boats by the Channel Greyhounds" coming up full speed ahead to Penarth Pier. In order to avoid the swash, some of the small boats were nearly capsized. Unless the speed was con- siderab!y reduced he would move that the Board of Trade be petitioned to regulate it. Had he not pro- mised the boatmen to air this particular grievance ot theirs they would have formed a deputation and waited upon the Council that night. Mr Pavey corrobated, saying that the swell wa? something terrific, and it was a wonder there had been no mishap. After a little discussion the clerk was instructed to apprise the owners of the complaint. There were eleven applications for the post of Road foreman and Clerk of Works; viz. Messrs Alfred Webber, Mason, 3, Morris town R. Meazey, Masou A. Reath, Mason, 23, Ludlow Street .• Eli Acldaud, Mason, 87- Dock Road; David Morgan, Mason, 11, Bromfield Place; Mordecai Meaz?y, W. G. Pickford, Mason, 84, Salop Place C Cox Mason, 19, Sully Terrace; Jos. Pickford, jam, mason 7: W. \Vebb, Carpenter, 50, Salop Street; Jfl. B. Riley, Cogan and Tom Griffiths, 18. Windsor Terrace. Mr T. Bevan suggested a "weeding" committee, but upon another from Mr Sam Thomas, it w s decided to ballot forthwith, The Council therefore decided to select the appli- cants, the voting being for Griffths m) Riiey (to) M. Meazey and Reath (7 each) J. Pickford and Morgan (5 each). Finally it was decided to reduce the number to three, and Messrs Giiffiths, Riley and Meazey were the selected ones, receiving 11, to and 6 votes respectively. These will duly be notified to attend the next Council meeting. This concluded the business.

IGood Templp-Ty.