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Original Poetry,


Original Poetry, SPRING. Thou art here once again, with "thy bright, sunnv days, And gladly we welcome thee, beautiful Spring We longed for thy corning through weeks dud and drear- But now,, all the earth seems with gladness to ring. Tho;.i hast oanxslied the cold, gloomy winter away, And brought back the flowers that we ill love(I so I well; The daisies, we find at our feet everywhere, And violets, and primroses, bloom in the dell. There are tender green buds, on the sturdy old oak, And the hawthorn beneath, will, ere long, bear the spray Yes, and the hedges around will be clothed With wreaths of the beautiful, silvery may. Together thou bringest warm sunshine, and shower1, Refreshing the garden, the field, and the tree The orchard, with sweet cherry blossom, now gay, Is the favourite resort of the wandering bee. C) But I'll lay down my pen, since I cannot describe The beauty which thou, to all nature dost bring; Thou art the forerunner of glad summer months Thou art welcome, thrice welcome, thou beautiful spring. L. SMITH, The April 22ad, 1895. v

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