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„„„,„„„„„, Penarth District…

IGood Templp-Ty.


Good Templp-Ty. Cll Wednesday last the members of the Penarth Lodge received a from the Grand Chief Templar of Wales, Bro. John Stanford, of Wrexham. A cor- d «al vavitation was given ) any friends to be present at the meeting, which was held ia the lodde-roora, the Welsh Independent School-room- The G.C.T. was accompanied by the District Chief Templar, Bro- G. N. Recldaway, and several other members of the District Lodge. Bro.. Stanford is known as the cele- brated North Wales lecturer and entertainer. As an elocutionist, as well assongster, thGn are few to compare, and the audience on Wednesday wove unnimous in applauding his v. r'oua efforts- The opportunity for advocating the principles and aims of Good Templary was embraced by both Bro. Stanford and Bro. Reddawny, and as a result the ]od;.tü will be strengthened by some new recruits. Before the meeting terminated Bro. Edgar J. Pickford proposed; and Sister Gappy seconded, a vote of thnnks to toe D.C.T. and the other visitors. The; JWX. btee session will be on Wednesday, May 1st-