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\p-, S. ANDREWS AND SON, COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS THE NEWS, GLEBE ST., PENARTH. EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. Funerals Conducted with Refinement and Economy. Telephonic Communication with Chief Offices, Cardiff -.r. TS ] ESTABLISHED 1888 Pena>x*tli Potato & Fruit Stores (Anchor House) GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. Good Selection of ENGLISH and FOREIGN ^'lUJIT always kept in Stock. Goods Delivered Daily to all parts of the Town. H. MATTHEWS, Proprietor Poultry. Poultry! ILYfWSED WIREBETIIHG, IN' 50 YARD ROLLS. j r L 2-m. mesh, 2ft 4s 3ft 654ft 8s. GRIiVAfllSED COKHUGRTED ROOFING SHEETS. 6ft, 1s 7d. 7 ft, 1s10d. 8 ft, 2s Od. ) Patent ROOFINGfhATS IN 25 YARD ROLLS. Best. Medium. Common. as 5s 3d 4s per roll. J. PHILLIPS, & CO., Manufacturing Ironmomonger, 20/. ORDERS DEUVERECK AN AMERICAN ORGAN <! JOOK FREE. Send youp address on a$ost-card, and you •will receive the j finest and most elaborate Catalogue oi American Organs and 11 Pianos ever published. It a a m p"i p O i ■will show you the latest and ^b*. £ \f |h <$.. r\ I B A best styles, and how to UA V & \J\J /Q £ Satisfaction aruaranteed before you pay. Write to us, mentioning this paper. You will be more than pleased at the result, if you 9 do it at once. ORGANS, carriage paid, irom £ 10. References specially permitted to J. H. OSBORNE, ESQ., € 132, FLEET STREET, LONDON, E.G., of whom catalogues may 1 be had free on application, and information obtained as to where C tlie Organs can be seen -and tested iii JLondon, or write direct to J CORfciSH & CO., ) WASHINGTON, NEW JERSEY, AMEiUCA. IC (Establis lied 2ô THE GREAT AMERICAN PRESCRIPTION. FN T Y Y I I., n •• s:ave'' .lV!Vn<f' Vver complaints, and all Diseases of the Urinarv t0.- a. x iCocijptiOn is m the ham.* of a Minister, who will befriend any one suffering these enervating diseases. It has cured thousands. fcti4!?10;1 envelope to the Rev. David Josks, Ray Villa, Lewea, oea liie 1 description will o« sent VUEE OF CHARGE. Ka** tins Paoer. -=-= beattvs organs AND pianos. Hon. Daniel F. Beatty, VVaski.a^to» New Jersey, .he great n-v% 1 'aao -Manufacturer, is building and shipping more Organs and Pxanos than ever. In 1870 31 x- Beatty left home a penniless plow boy, and by his indomitable will he hasworked S^InsyAP as t0.seI1' «>Jar, nearly 100,000 of Beatty's him nW llLnos famco Nothing seems to dishearten SrTi^rvt1 e:'1;lklinhLsw^' that would have wrecked and "f A an, ever, he turns to an advertisement, and comes art* vorv Jnr iter th?n ever" His instruments, as is well known W<=. ava i, t U ''I a are f°und hi all parts of the wo-ld. BwSS^tf-yS: TR >—»•»*» an onn A(IA ri^'i -t waive, that moans a business of "0a™Se «t 300,000dollars each. w_:f T? ? J'lr8'est business ot the kind in existence Write to Darnel F. Beatty, WasW.on, New Jersey. Dirt thinks itself the most abused Whea MATCHLESS CLKAXSER SOAP ia used. I OATCHWORK. Patchwobk P tchwork. Agents Wanted. Ladies, Families, and o:hers to try oi r Parcels, containing about 200 assorted pieces of beau- tiful prints, suitable for aprons, cushions, quilts. One sample parcel, Is 6d two, 2s 6d four, 4s 9d carriage paid. Also velvets, silks, satius, &c., o 2sd; two, 4s 6d four 6s 3d.—J. BLACK, 71 Burlington S;rcet, MANCHESTER- I ik- ,i- It 1, iF- Z.tF As merrily Ai windmill i&fti go round* So goes A Washing day, Where HUDSON'S SOAP is found. A Pint PQwder-in Packets.

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