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FOOTBALL THE HOLIDAY MATCHES. Penarth have at length reached the end of their fixture list, and have finished up in a most creditable manner, notwithstanding a considerable amojunt of adverse circumstances. Some time back, before Penarth played the Barnstaple match, it was pre- dicted that out of the remaining six matches our townsmen would be very lucky if they managed to pull off three. Everything seemed dead against them at that time, absenteeism playing havoc in the ranks. As a matter of fact, however, they have won four out of six and have only been beaten by Barum and Cardiff. This speaks volumes of praise on their behalf, and clearly shows what they would have done this season if they had been able to put their best team in the field. The first match of the holiday programme was with Dewsbury, and a stiff and spirited contest it was throughout. Penarth won by a try and although this score of three points pales to insignificance when compared with the score Llanelly manage to pile up against the same team, we must remember that the Dewsbuay men were fresh and full numbers when they encountered Penarth, but when they met the Tinplaters they suffered in both these respects. The Gloucester win by three goals to a try was a most agreeable surprise. It will be remembered that when the Gloucester men played here, the match trembled in the balance until the last minute, and Taylor displayed an amount of effective activity that threatened to turn the tables on the Heasiders." It has ceen said that, on Saturday last, Penarth had a large amoumt of luck when they met the Citizens for the return. This, however, was not so, but rather the other way about- Gloucester played well in the first half, but in the second they were not in the running. Geoff Matthews, who played a very fine game got over once but unfortunately lost the ball. Jack Alexander's kicking was something phenominal. The match with Leicester was another splendid game, and once more Penarth were victorious, beat- iug their opponents by thirteen points to nil, Jackson and Ellis played finely, and so did Shepherd and Tom The play of Clemence, however, was unequal. He played badly the first half, but in the second portion of the game he gave a display sur- passing anything he has done this season. Herby Morgan was in grand form at Leicester and Gloucester, indeed, the whole team deserve high commendation tor the spirited manner in which they struugled to finish up their season well. Next week we hope to publish the record, with comments thereon.

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