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in stating that the compact between the Taff Vale Railway Company and Messrs Edwards, Robertson and Company will also make provision for the running of a special boat. train from the Rhondda Valleys to Penarth upon every Thursday during the season. Under the whole arrangements, Penarth will be dis- tinctly the gainer, while Cardiff will be decidedly the loser, especially those tradespeople in the centre of the town. It may be added that tickets to Weston and Ilfracombe and back, via Penarth, will not only be obtainable at railway stations in the Taff Valleys, but also at Queen-street Station-a positive conveni- ence to the large population of Cathays and Roath. The S. W D.N. in its Thursday's issue has the folio ivirig -Much indignant feeling has been ex- pressed by Cardiff tradesmen at the project to take excursionists from the Rhondda Valleys to the Somerset and Devon watering-places without allowing them to stop at Cardiff. All classes of shopkeepers complain of what they consider to be the unfairness of the scheme described in our issue of Wednesday. Though not blaming the Taff Vale Railway Company and Messrs Edwards, Robertson and Co. for what is regarded as legitimate enterprise which ib calculated to do lot of good to Penarth tradesmen, they hold the losses which will accrue to Cardiff to be entirely due to the policy of the management of the Bute Dock in nrat improving the present wretched landing stage. Some of the local tradesmen labour under a misappre- hension as to the proposals of the Bute Docks Com- pany to levy a fourpenny toll, and which they were prevented from doing by public opinion voiced by the Corporation. These few wrongly believe that there was a definite pledge given by the management in their Bill to erect a suitable stage, and that the 4d toll was designed to liquidate the expenditure. Others- and these, too, are in a minority—are sanguine as to the failure of the project, and base their opinions on the practice of excursionists to shop at Cardiff's Cheaper marts on the down journey, and to convey their purchases from the shops when returning from the sea trip. It is likely that a meeting of tradesmen •will shortly be called to consider the desirability ot forming an influential deputation to Lord Bute on the matter-