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Glamorganshire Golf Club.

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Weekly Notes by Quirkquepip.…

Penarth Cricket Club,



mail; ye waif as much f iihipin -g- as a (Try weIr," ihe retorted, impatiently. What is it ? The men at the works have nearly killed Mr. Forbes, and have turned out on strike, swearing vengeance against Sir Walter for some new-faagled machine of his, and think 11 be a pretty row on the 1-ue and I've } t • ••1 something eleo." What is ÜI: n -uired Lucy, as he paused. "This," re] 1 signalman: t: at runaway engine the o !,< r >■ nin' was sent on purpose. Sandy zani- ttio rascal, 1 ewe him one he was at the lot'om of that, and wonld as soon have killed .young Watson as xot. It's him as is doin' all the mischief, and if- If what, George CoIier r" inquired a mocking voice. If what r George turned suddenly, and found the evil face of Sandy tam glaring at him with unconcealed animosity. He started at the apparition, but at once re- covered himself, and said: "Why, I'd soon send him about his business. I know a few things, Sandy." Do ye ? sneered the man. Well, ye won't know much more your days are numbered, I can tell ye that." And, with an ominous scowl, he withdrew as sud- denly as he had appeared. Oh! George, why did you anger liim? Sure he means mischief." Let him," replied George. I'm ready for him. But who can tell ? I think I'd best give Sir Walter .a hint, and put him on his guard." Why does Sandy Sam dislike you ? inquired Lucy, forgetting her own ttoubles for the moment. Because I thwarted him once in a little job. I'll tell you some day. He's a precious rascal, and I know it well." Tell me now, George, and perhaps we may hit on A plan to beat him after." How can it interest you ? Lucy. Easily enough, George. Don't you think I take an interest in you ? Even under the circumstances the woman's love of coquetry asserted itself, and George Collier was weak enough to stoop and kiss her; nor did aha refuse his caress. O a t- I But the story, George. I do love a real slory.'O You shall have it," was the answer. How C06. (T. h. tontiumi,) r'