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Glamorganshire Golf Club.


Glamorganshire Golf Club. SPRING MEETING AT PENAETH. he Glamorganshire Gait (jJub, which has its head- barters at Penarth. is now one of the most flourish- es' in South Wales, Started originally io 1889, when ^eQtii3 still held an almost undivided sway as the Creation of the many, it has since grown into a Ub, with fine links, hmdsome pavilion, and enthu>i- J"7? .me ^bers. To the uninitated, w tolling a round of is nob interes'iug. It lacks the quick play and arfc return of tennis, which make that game appre- 'ated by even the ignorant onlooker. But, let the Rotator once tike the clubs in hand and play two Or three rounds, and the fascination is sure to over- him, or it may be her, and the result is an ^'tack of golf fever, for which there is supposed to laO cure. Lord Windsor, with his usual generosity tJ. all things pertaining to Penarth, gave the ground, ktld also erected a pavilion and club-house, which, Owever, soon proved too small for the requirements tlle rapidly growing club, and a considerable tension soon had to be added, which comprises a rge common room, ladle's and gentleman's rooms, t Itcen, and also a workshop for the use of the pro- visional and his assistants. The ladies' room, wnich Sacred to "members only," is a prettily furnished J^'nent, with dainty curtains draping the windows, 1 0 Z, H cosy lounges and chairs affording a welcome ^st- to the energetic golfers after going twice round five-hole course. The pavilion has a verandah, -which in fine days afternoon tea is dispensed to ^ors or members. The club belongs to the new Union, and will play its first match on ty. next against Swansea on its own links. Much has been taken with the "greens," the of several of which has been altered since the inning of the club, and great credit is due to the j^°Und committee—Messrs Barlow, Hunter, and ^son.—for the excellent condition of the greens *8 TV men's course- The secretary for the year J** Arthur Ingledew, who is himself an enthnsi- captaiu is Mr He rbert Flint, while ladies' captain is Mrs Maine Tucker, who, it will Remembered, composed and pullished during the {jr er a charming wallz called "Golf/' which wa8 played at the golf ball of this club in November. CQq .c°Urse for men; which is over a breezy common, tkSls*a °f nine holes, twice round, and five holes, L times round, for the ladies. There is a ubfui vievv to be obtained from the third tee,, which ^0ri the summit of the down, and although the %nne' 011 Monday was certainly not the traditional picturesque view was obtained of Barry on of the water, and the hills of Devon and "d^li on the opposite coast. Monday, although a day for thegeneral holiday-makers, was far *1$j ng au ideal day for golfers. The strong wind ti p glaring sun wera very trying to the players. A'»s very difficult owing to the "greens" Utj fost. This was very noticeable at No. 3 hole big* e rjien's course, the green being on the slope, "^iv was expeiienced by some of the players m ll) £ to No 6 ho!e, up hili, in the teeth of the wind. The members of the club were at home during the afternoon to their friends, who turned up in large numbers. The bitter north-easterly wind must be held responsible for the scarcity of new spring cos- tumes, most people wisely wearing their winter jackets and furs. The lady players looked very trim and business-like, the majority wearing black ski, ts, white blouses, and white sailor hats with black bawd. The entries for the events this year have been better than last. Several gentlemen from clubs the other side of the Channel have come over, This may probably be due to the extra facilities afforded by the opening of Penarth Pier for communication with the opposite coast. The officials of the club hope soon to obtain a station on the Taff Vale Railway at Lower Penirth, within a stone's throw of the links. Event 1.—Gentlemen's single handicap (bogev) confined to members of the Glamorganshire Club. First prize, value X5 5s, presented by the captain, Mr Herbert Flint; second prize, value f2 2s, presented by Mr J. W. Pyman. Event 2.—Gentlemen's single handicap. First prize, value X7 7s second prize, value 13 3s. Event 3.-Gentlemen's single handicap. First prize, value £ 3 3s second prize, value £ l Is. Event 4.-Gentlemen"s foursome h:udic:-Ip ('>ogev) Two prizes, value X2 2s each, presented by Messrs"F. Milburn and J. J. Ilandcock- Event 5.—Ladies' and gentlermnis' foursome handi- cap- Two prizes, value f 1 is each. Event 6.—Ladies' single handicap First prize, value £2 2s. presented by Mr F. Jothatn second piize, value il h. Event 7.-Best gross score ia events 1 and 2, Prize value £ 1 Is, presented by Mr W. II. Maine Tucker. Play was resumed early on Tuesday morning, and by six o'lock in the evening all events were played off. The weather was better from a golfer's point of view than Monday, there be little or no sun, and the wind, although strong in the morning, dropping z, C, r!1 rather towards the afternoon. The greens, too, also played better, the grass not beiag quite so dried up by the sun as on the previous day. In the ladies' single several retired after playing the third bole, the scores of which were very bad, owing to the ex- treme difficulty in holing-out a ball on this green. I' Many were the complaints of the hdy members against the Ground Committee for having so long neglQtçt either to make a fresh green or to improve the present oii3. be remark was heard niora than once that had the gent^dQU, to play over the hdles course this fault would have been rectified ago- A number of ladies and gentlemen veiled the lIn during the afternoon, and enjoyed the refreshing cups of tea which were kindly provided by the club in the tent. Mr Williams, of the Queen Restaurant, catered, and gave the gralest, satisfaction- The prizes, which were displayed on a table, were tastefully arranged on a piece of green velvet, which showed up the silver ar-icles of which there were several. The following is a list of the winners, with their various scores :— Event 1, which was a bogey competition. The first prize, a dressing case, was won by A B Summer, 4 holes down 2nd prize, ebony brushes on tray, J S Grimes, 6 holes down C A Heiizmaa, 7 holes down; I H J Simpson, 7 holes down F Mason, 7 holes down. Ihe other twenty-five players were over 7 holes down. Event 2. Gentlemen's Single Handicap (Open)— 1st prize, gentleman's combined travelling and I dressing bag, C B Stoddart, 94, less- 5-8J 2nd prize, C Ward, 110, less 20—90; Henry Flint, 111, less 20—91 W H Maine Tucker, 111, less 8—83 o F Itainforth. 112, less 19-93; J Hunter, 98, less 4—94. The other thirty-five competitors were over 94 Event 3.-Ist prize. 0 Ward, 108, less 20-88 2nd piize, J F Common, 107. less 17—90; A ul f,if,)ck xood,- I 11, less 19—92; Yennison Collins, 111, I less 18—93; R B Stoddart, 1 08, less 14—94; A H. Summer, 111, less 17—94. The other thirty.aeven competitors were over 94. Event 4—Gentlemen's Foursome Handicap (bogey;—1st prize, T M Barlow and Herbert Flint, 6 holes down; A B Summer, and W II M TucKer, 7 J F Grimes and G C Shackeli, 9 The remaining 19 pairs were more than 9 down. ° Event 5. -Ladies' and gentlemens' Foursome Handicap. One round.—1st, Miss Young and J Hunter, 62, less 6—56; 2nd, Mias E Young and F Milburn. 63, less 5—58 Mrs VV" H Maine Tucker and W H Maine Tucker, 65, Jess 5—60 Miss Mason and j F Mason, 69, less 8—61. The other 10 pairs were over 61 nett. I Event 6.—Ladies' Single Handicap (Opsn.) Three rounds of the ladies' course—1st, Mrs Evens, 95, less 27—68; 2nd, Miss Stoddart, 80, less 8—72 Mrs Cam peel 1 Crone, 111, less 30—81; Mrs Henry Flint, I 97, less 16-81. The other eight ladies were either over 81 nett or retired. ) Mr C B Stoddart took the prize for the best gross j with the excellent score of 94. I

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