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Penarth Carpenters and Joiners…

The Llandaff Diocesian Association…

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,Wesleyan Bazaar at Penarth.

Daath of Mrs James Ware.

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"A tidy lass" was Collier's-- comment upon a woman carrying a child whom they passed near the inn. Rather late for her to be trampin' it just now. Couldn't take her in, I suppose, eh ? Good .night," he cried to her. i She made Inwer, but when the men had got on a Lute •• halted, and after a moment's consi- deration, s t :i in the gloom under the trees. People jr.. re-passed, but no notice was taken of Ley, there she remained for nearly an hour until Collier passed on his way to the signal- box, and then she rose and followed him, but sha was evidently weary. Not a penny," she muttered. "Not a penny to get, a night's lodging or a bit to eat. He'll never refuse me a little. And yet he can be cruel, and he may be harsh. But I must try, or die She "hushed" the child kindly enough as she transferred the burthen to her right arm, and pro- ceeded on her way. Collier, unconscious that he was being followed, went on leisurely, and entered the signal-box in the cutting to relieve his mate, Dick. Punctuality is the thief of time, George,' remarked the man in the box; and you always are up to him, I must say." "I wish you were," retorted Collier. "Why, you kep' me waitin' ten minutes only yesterday, and it was near twenty the time afore." Collier was not in the best of tempers; that much was evident to Dick, who replied, for he was fond of proverbs, as he thought them Soft answers is like the running of water—. coolin' and pleasant.' So I'll not contradict ye, George, more than say in' that lies is no argument. Come, clear out with your lies,' or lie here on. the floor for a while," returned Collier, angrily. "If you're late in the mornin' I'll report you." "Report away," retorted Dick. "It's a pity ye can't keep sober, George. "Wine is a mocker and beer is ragin' as Mr. Robinson tells me. So good- night, and 111 relieve you early as you like. Good- night! "Good-night," replied Collier, half sulkily. Beer is ragin', is it ? Well, then, I hadn't any worth spealiin' about. Only spirits. What's that P" He listened intently, but the sound, whatever it was, was not immediately repeated, and he was too busy to attend to anything but his duties for some minutes. At length, what appeared to him to be a tap at the door, roused him, and he turned towards it. The door slowly opened and a female form came into the full blaze of the gas-light. Collier involuntarily retreated. His hand pressed upon his forehead as if he looked upon a ghost. His hair almost stood up in his terror, and he couldfcot utter a word. Don't you know me, George ? He knew her now. The voice was 'enough. But he put out his arm as if to thrust her out. Go, go-leave me in peace. Know ye—yes, I ,do-only too well. Oh, Lucy—Lucy llayrrymd why have you come back ?" u HAP z (To le continued.)