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T;; -JS ';F= 'b lu-r AATI) KfflHssisaaBBas -1 I ANDRL 1 I I COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS J T MEWS, GLEBE ST., PEIASTK^ J| EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. |j r Funerals Conducted with Refinement and Economy. Ej Telephonic Communication with Chief Offices, C,,trd, || Te z.;s.&aJjt"s.t:f";II'Æ!.fL7!,i2¡I7;!røC'¡.r,te.- ESTABLISHED 1888 TS teJt1& r1t;h IT^o"f oI"i. s Mr "f JL IJ h €ki i ts^W -M- <u*. v> 'u (Anchor House) GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. .u Good Selection of ENGLISH and FOREIGN WRUIT always kept in Stock. uoocia Delivered Daily to all parts of the Town. H. MATTHEWS, Proprietor -—n—'II WIIMIIHII'I ■»'" —— O"Iir fir :yC-y IILIIF VIIRE TO IN 50 YARD ROLLS. 2-irv mesh, 2ft 4s 3ft 6s 4ft8s. CALVAHISED CORRUGATED ROOFING SHEETS. 6ft,1s7d. 7 ft 1s10d. 8 ft, 2s Od. _c. Stent ROOFIHG FbATS IN 25 YARD ROLLS. Be&t, Medium. Common. eS 5s 9d 48. per roll, J. PHILLIPS, & CO., Manufacturing Ironmomonger, .C £ D07M?0N» 20/. ORDERS DELIVERED. THE GREAT AMERICAN PRESCRIPTION. fpWKNTY YEAR'S RESEARCH Las brought to light a guaranteed Remedy for 1 NEKVOUS DEBILITY, the Errors of Youth, Lost Manhood, Weakness, Dimness of Sight. Bladder, Gravel, Kidney, Liver complaints, and all Diseases of the Lrinary Organs. This PiCseription is in the hands of a Minister, who will befriend any one su!'erii:<> from these enervating diseases. It lias C t; F IS D THOUSANDS. Merely s^nd self-addressed stamped envelop" u> the Iter. Ibvvio J ON US, Ray Villa, Lewes, Nvlll this l'iu>er. y.rø&æ,#,? a ÃN A¡;¡O,AN I ,SMK BOOK FREE. r\\ ,fju tJ gena w>ti? address on a tfosfc-enrd, and you will receive the ( finest and most elaborate Catalogue of Amerxcat. Or« n& and J ■SillOEf eAVF« bQ% S best styles, and how to U H fSa' %^W <0 £ Satisfaction guaranteed before you pay. w rite to U3, mentionm# j wBiswW8BHWfHyfWWSfjaa| tins paper. Yovl will be more than. pleased ac the result} ix you J do it at once. ORG-N3, carriage itc)m XIO- ■ ,l I,T ••• References speciallv permitted to J. i. OSBORNE, ESQ., C /*?. 132, FLEET STREET,LOMDO?* E.C.s of whom catalogues may 3 £ '■ be had free on application, and information obtained as to where jfflpltf the Organs can. be seen and tested in .London, or "write direct to I ■JL^ CORNISH "&: co., > Hfe. WASHINGTON, HEW JERSCT, AMKHICA. I C ;'J: :JtJ years).. .7;=' v BEATTY'S ORGANS AND PIANOS. I sc Hon. Daniel F. Beatty, Washington New Jersey, the great Organ and Piano ^Ianufacturer, is building and shipping more Organs and Piano^than ever. In 1870 Sir Beatty left home a penniless plow boy. and by his indomitable will he has worked his way up so as to sell, so far, nearly 100,000 of Beatty's Organs and Pianos since 1870. Nothing seems to dishearten him obstacles laid in his way that would have wrecked and ordinary man for over, he turns to an advertisement, and comes out of it brighter than ever. His instruments. as is well known are very popular and are to be found in all parts of the world. We are informed that during the next ten years he intends to sell 200.000 more of his make; that means a business of 20.000,000 dollars, if we average them at 100,000 dollars each. It is already the largest business of the kind in existence Write to Daniel F. Beatty, Washington, New Jersey. "Rp £ l ^"1"T7''Q ORGANS, 27 stops, 22 dollars J PIANOS, 150 (lobars, catalogue Free Vsnisl F. Beatty, Washington, New Jersey I pATUHWORK. PATOIIWOTIK. Patchwork. Agents Wauled. Ladies, Families, and others to try our Parcels, containing" about 200 assorted pieces of beau- tiful prints, suitable for aprons, cushions; quilts. One sample parcel, Is Ud two, 2s 6d four, 4a 9d carriage paid. Also velvets, pilks, satinc;. &c.,o 2sd two, 4s Gd four, 6s 3d. -,I. BLACK, 71 Burlington Street, MANCHESTER* j & As Pnerrity, tE As windmill go round, So goes Iwfe? A Washing day, Where HUDSON'S SOAP is found. A fine Pmder-in Packets. 'J Penartli football Club 1st xv. FIXTURES. 18,94-95. Late-I- Versus. ) Result Sept. 15 Ebb Vale H won :1 22 Pontymoiie H won 29 Pontypridd R won 'I Oct. G Gloucester H won 13 Morriston A won „ 20 Bristol A won 27 Llanelly H lost Nov 3 Abergavenny- A. won r-'v 10 Devonporl Albion II won „ 17 Cardiff A won „ 24 Neath H won Dec- 1 Aberavou H won n 18 Newport H lost 1 0 Mo^e ley H won 5 Penvgraig A draw'tfj „ ^2 Aberavou A draW& j ^6 Barnstaple A won. p 7 Plymouth A won 20 Morristou H >;vo.?: Jan. 5 Bath H wu 12 Swansea H Inot.Ûd „ 19 Neath xost 26 Llanelly II won Feb. 2 Benygraig H act p „ 9 Swansea A I „ 16 Pontvpridd A „ 23 Bristol H „ March 2 Newport A lost) „ 9 Llaneily A lost 11 Barnstaple H lost 16 Ireland v. Wales 23 Bath A won 3c) Abergavenny H won April 6 Cardiff H 12 Dewsbury R 13 Gloucester A 15 Leicester A TEAM FIXTURES. e-r "I u s At I Resgl Sept. 15 Penartli Windsor H wou 22 Cardiff Hornets II wag 29 Dinas Powis II woo Oct. 6 Whitchurch A woo 13 Newport Extra XV II won II 20 Bristol 2nd XV II lost 27 Merthyr A lost Nov. 3 Pontyclown H won 10 Pontypridd 2nd XV A won 17 Barry II w'OO 24 Neath 2nd XV A lost Dec. 1 Crumlin A lost, „ S Tondu A lost 15 Grangetowu Star H wot1 „ 22 Tondu H woJi, 26 Caidicot H notr 29 Dinas Powis A woP Jan- 5 Barry A 12 Caidicot A „ 19 Neath 2nd XV 11 26 Usk A Feb. 2 Pontyclown A 9 Cardiff Hornets H „ 16 Pontypridd 2ud XV H 23 Bristol 2nd XV A March 2 Crumlin H „ 9 Grangetown Star II 16 Ireland v. Wales 23 Newport Etra XV H „ 30 Mertuyr H Apiil 13 Whitchurch H „ 15 Usk H I MATCHLESS CLEANSER has swept away f A thousand worries of Washing Day., [