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---Penarth District Council.


Penarth District Council. MESSRS THOMAS AND It. BEVAN'S NOTICES OP MOTION SUQASIIED BY A CASTING VOTE. STILL A 1/1 RATE. OPPOSITION TO CHURCH AVENUE PRIVATE IMPROVEMENTS. APPOINTMENT OF OVERSEERb. ADJOURNMENT AFTER A PROLONGED SITTING. This public body met on Monday night, Mr W L Morris being in the chair. Present: Messrs H Snell, D Morgan, J Y Strawson, R Guy, R and T Bevan, T S Lloyd, with the Surveyor, Mr E T Evans, and Clerk, Mr J W Morris. THINGS FINANCIAL. It was ascertained that the Collector had collected during February 1876 19s 5d of the general district rate, and £ 5 15s 3d of the private improvements, the recoverable amount being- ft 043 2s 5d, and £ 2694 16s lIld, respectively. £ 882 14s 7d had „ been paid into the treasurer's hands. The Clerk said his forecast for the ensuing six Months expenditure would be met by the levying of a 1/1 rate. I Mr T Bevan said the estimate quite staggered him. Considering the increased rateable value, and theoood paying property the steady increase of the rates was too much for an Urban Authority. Was it not possible to so reduce the expenses as to indulge the r, ratepayers with the luxury of knocking off a Id ? (laughter.) Mr Morgan I'm rather surprised to hear the new Schemes propounded by Mr Bevan, 1 Mr Bevan l'm simply alarmed. Mr Snell We ought to congratulate ourselves it's i Ilot higher. Look at Barry i Mr Bevan Bairy is no criterion it has had to pay it's own sewerage schemes- The clerk If the council could get in all the out- handing private improvements we could reduce it, tiere is actually X2,600 recoverable. Mr Syeli And Barry has only between £300 and £ 400 outstanding. Mr T Bevan Oh for the luxury of a 10d or lid rate! The Clerk's estimate was eventually adopted- MR LLOYD SEEKS INFORMATION. Mr T Bevan moved the reappointment for the en- f Suing year of the medical officer Mr Lloyd What rate does he base his statistics 011 here we have last month's birtll and death rates 30-1 and 9 3, respectively, and I want to check them. The clerk Probably the last ceiisuii, One member: 10,000. The surveyor: 13,000. Mr T Bevan 11,000, odd. Mr Snell: We'll ask him, Mr Lloyd: Isn't it the duty of the Medical Officer to be present? Some of us are not members of the lIealth Committee and it is most important to know uPon what rate he bases his statistics. Mr Strawson I saw in ttie Western Mail about a 111°tlth ago that the county medieal officer said Penarth ,.as one of the worst places in the county for ^'Phtheiia. ■ UrT Bevan: Dr Williams is the right man to you up. ofv.ilr Lloyd: What are the duties of the medical iCer. I've never had the pleasure of meeting him tit tle COULicil. Clerk going below to his office to find a copy in?10'1 w°uld furnish Mr Lloyd with the necessary ^rtnutiou. iiio -^evan remarked, We are told by the lead- Kterary lights of the town that this is not a gating, society. ,Ioyd Am I a debater ? There are some of aide* caGn°t sPeftk without making a speech. Con- tQ ^ha state of health of the place it is necessary Nv iiioi-e: if my constituents were tj ask me taul things I don't know them the 6 Clerk returned saying he had lent the book to l}e I:> "edical officer about 5 years ago; but Mr Lloyd C0llrsj receive all the desired information in due r a Bevan's moticn was then seconded by Mr 1'<\ ^son and carried nem con. OVERSEERS. r^K)mas moved and Mr Snell seconded that «C. {,Mor' roe and R Crossling be re-appointed ^°r Par's^ -Penarth tor the coming 12 ju Carried. ^UdSSrS ^'ar7er ar1^ E Church were appointed for f0uSh, as were also Messrs W Williams and John 8 ^r Cogan. I BATCHELOR AND SNOM'x I 'urlon on the I (1).—Mr Thomas moved that f1 C claim f°r minutes deciding not to entertar exten- extras in connection with the uutfa* 'l ^V^r^isting sion be rescinded, and (2) th^O a commi- appointee1 of the Chairman and Mr T Bevan be rjv to investigate the matter anu' hear both si' :<e con- tractors had, without doubt, a prima t7Case, and were emphatic in asseverating that the nature of the work was entirely altered to what was shown to them 011 the plan upon which they based their calculations. The old ground was beginning to be again traversed when Mr Snell observed that it was a waste of time. Mr Thomas objected to that term, whereupon Mr R Bevan remarked that as an enquiry might serve to remove any misunderstanding he would second the motion. The result was that Messrs R Bevan, T Bevan, S Thomas and T S Lloyd voted for it, and Messrs W L Morris, H Snell, D Morgan and J Y Strawson against it, the Chairman's casting vote relegating it to limbo. Mr Thomas then gave notice of motion to present one or two questions to the Surveyor at the next meeting. Mr T Bevan I'm of the same opinion still; if any ratepayers have a grievance, as responsible honest men to the .ratepayers we ought to have an investigation for equity's sake alone. Mr Lloyd: That's the reason I voted. UNION RATE OF WAGES CLAUSE Mr R Bevan moved that provision be made in con- tracts for the payment of Union rate of wrges. Mr Lloyd seconded. Mr Strawson could not concede the necessity of embodying such a clause; as it would inevitably in- crease the tenderer's ptices. Mr Lloyd What do you do in Cardiff ? The Chairman They've tried it, but it's unwork- able, and doesn't pay. Mr Guy: It first originated over dressed stones being imported here. The masons state they are quite satisfied with the wages, the other matter was their only grievance. He had again spoken to one of their number that night, and again asked if it were a question of wages which troubled them, and he was answered in the negative, inasmuch as the Masons' Union would protect them. The Chairman It's a very unjust clause, inasmuch as we deal with private people's money. Mr T Bevan The clause is inserted by the Cardiff I Corporation, the Glamorgan County Council and all over South Wales. With regard to private improve- ments here, I've never heard one complaint about imported stones. Mr R Bevan contended that scores in the North Ward—in fact the majority-wanted the clause's in- sertion) notwithstanding the large number of one whom Mr Guy had interviewed. The Government and the London County Council inserted it, and where these dealt with millions, it surely would be beneficial I to us. Finally, Messrs T Bevan, R Bevan. and S Thomas recorded their votes in the motion's favour, but Messrs W L Morris, D Morgan and H Snell were opposed to it, the chairman quickly giving it the happy despatch by an adverse casting vote- A HANDSOME HONORARIUM. Mr Thomas' second notice of motion had a happier fate. In view of the enormous work entailed in fighting a Parliamentary bill- be would move that some tangible cognisance be taken of the invaluable assistance of their Clerk and Surveyor. If the Cardiff .1 Corporation could, alter losing the day, awar-1 their Clerk and Borough Surveyor £ 100 each, surely it would be the height of shabbiness wore they to give but beggarly thanks He did not propose to give them £ 100 or £ 50 each, but the latter sum 'twixt 'em. The Clerk graciously declined to avail himself of the Council's generosity, and stated his reasons- The Surveyor undoubtedly deserved it. Mr Snell seconded, saying that no one krew better than he the amount of work Mi Evans had to do. Mr Lloyd added how gratified he felt in supporting- the motion. No one ever begrudged paying to pro- mote sanitation. He was fain to congratulate the lafe Boaid upon the grand stand they made, and its successful issue. The Chairman also testified to the Surveyor's assiduous and arduous work, and he was well entitled to the £25. It would be, should he ever, unfortu- nately, leave the Council one of the best testimonials he could possibly receive. Mr Snell He had to work day and night- Mr T Bevan As the then Chairman of that Board, I can assure you that I was constantly brought into personal contact with the Surveyor, and know that not only night and day did he work, but also on Sundays, and there is not the shadow of a doubt but that our success was due to his indefatigable exertions and rare abilities. Upon the motion being carried una voce, Air Evans expressed his thanks for the handsome present, but assured the Council their, kind remarks were to him more gratifying- > A When thl:1inutes of tLTTTISANCE. licensed for 4-V.flt he h^r .^ding that 17 carnages I ,r- only, the Chairman remarked 1 PECL we shouldn't be overrun. aLr R Bevan You can truSE us to ]o)k after that. Mr Snell: How many were licensed for the Beach last year ? We are entitled to kuo*v what is going to be done; its most important) as last year there* seemed to be a great difficulty in controlling the traffic. We have the general public to consider. The- racing up and down there was a public nuisance- Mr Thomas I should not like to take exception to what committees do, neither do I like to interfere with anyone earning an honest living, but it is really dangerous down there especially at holiday times. The Clerk 10 were licensed last year. Mr Snell It is a public danger. Mr Thomas I agree with that. Mr Snell The overcrowding and racing up an<J. down the hills was cruelty to animals. Mr R Bevan To judge by Mr Snell's remarks he's. not in favour of granting any licenses. Mr Snell: Ob, no! I maintain it is a source of public danger on such a narrow promenade. I have a perfect right to make these enquiries, especially as these particulars are not embodied in the minute3. Mr Guy We ought to prevent racing, Mr Snell: Last year the number of people ercwdect- in those vehicles, especially on holidays, was a matter of common remark. Mi Guy We have particularly instructed them. Mr Snell: How are we going to provide against- it ? After further discussion, it was resolved to instructs the Beach Inspector to make a summary example of casea of overcrowding or furious driving. Mr Thomas was still of opinion that when tlie'place' was thronged, it was very risky to allow running up. and down. One member suggested framing a bye-law tc make- it an offence for one driving an an inn 1 along the; Esplanade faster than at a walk, but The Clerk said that couldn't be done- The public,. however, could be particularly instructed in the matter. Mr R Bevan apologising for his temerity, moved the- adoption of the minutes. Mr Lbyd seconding, this was done. The Surveyor There are 10 more applying for donkey licenses. Someone suggesting the licenses be tut granted. The Surveyor said they would, similarly to last- year, ply without obtaining them. The Chairman in despair said there would soon be. room for no one else down there. A tacit assent was ultimately given. CHURCH AVENUE RUMPUS. Mr R Bevan presented a petition signed by samet half dozen residents and owners of houses in, and abutting on Church Avenue, protesting against the proposed public improvements of that path. Mr Bevan contended that it was impossible to kerb, chaunel and make a roadway of sufficient width to comply with the Act which specified that it should be 86 feet at the le tst, whereas the path was only 20ft 9in, and allowing 3ft. 6in, for pavement there would remam only 13ft. 9in. for a carriage way. He asked if the Council could expect builders to comply with their bye-laws when they were about to commit such a- flagrant outrage themselves- Mr Snell observed that Mr R Bevan was one of the committee when it was first proposed. Mr Guy: After all it will be only an apology for el. a road. Mr Snell: There'll be very little difference in cost which ever way it's done. Mr Guy Perhaps it would do just as w-all, if it were simply kerbed, channelled, and the path made up again, but not for vehicular traffic. Mr R Bevan mentioned-not to intimidate the Council—("laughter) that he had been told every owner had determined not to pay a td if the new 4 road were made. (Renewed laughter.) Some discussion arose as to whether the path was a public one, or bad been taken over by the vestry;, but it was decided to adjourn the meeting for a week so that the Council could prepare its brief. Upon Mr Snell's suggestion the Surveyor was directed to write Messrs Palmer and Co., saying that unless the firm decided to commence their contract next: week or express their willingness to commence in the near future, the next lowest tender in connec- tion with the iron fencing of Windsor .RJad be accepted- Plans for alterations to 6, Cwrt-y-vil Eoad, Plassey Street Baptist Chapel and Schoolroom, and two houses to be erected by Mr Tape were passed. The Surveyor, in consequence of the contaminated foundation water in 31, Stanwell Road, submitted plans for draining the whole of the block of houses to the front, instead of the back, the estimated cost being £80.. The Clerk stated that if the Council decided to closa up the old drain they could compel property owners to connect with the new one. Mr Morgan moved that the plans be adopfec, and that tha Council forthwith advertise for tenders. Mr Thomas seconded, adding that the advertise- ment appear in the two local papers only. Penartfr being quite capable of dealing with an £80 job Carried-