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U hit-Chat. --


U hit-Chat. By RAMBLING TOMMY. A young man, speaking of last Sunday's hurricane said "I have seen the wind before, but never like Sunday." The person to whom be was speaking asked him if he had ever been to the place where the wind is manufactured. 0 0 0 One of the twelve apostles who sat to nquire into the death of the late Mr Joseph Lendon, said he went to Interview the body, and a better corpse he had sever seen. o o o Recently a Gill circulated offered a reward to the finder of "a rough harried white fox terrier." I pre- sume this is a new breed emanating from the Glebe n Street, Ludlow Street and Arcot Street kennei. O D ó. Last week I intimated that the marriage of Miss Emily Francis and Mr Fred Mules would take place on Monday about 10. 30, but on Saturday night it was discovered that the Rigistar could not attend the ceremoney until 11.30. By 9.30 the people began to assemble,—notably the mothers of one or two large families—but then was it not a wedding they were out to witness, and a couple of haars wailing won DO here nor there. ooo Mr Owen, of the Don, was one of the wedding party, aud it is said that he was so nervous before the ceremony that he did not think it safe to shave himself so he entrusted the operation to one of his assistants. ooo One good lady standing near the cbapel entrance declared that when she was married she kept the party waiting for threequarters of an hour. j 0 0 0 There are some who treat a wedding ceremony with abcut as much reverance as v football match, A few such persons were present at the Wesleyan Chapel on Monday. 0 Q 0 The sun shone brilliantly on the bride and bride- groom as they went and from the chapel, and if there be truth in the old saying Happy is the bride whom the sun shines on, then she will indeed have a happy life. But as a gentle reminder that the marrage state is not al! sunshine, sometime before the happy couple sfarted on their honeymoon, the clouds gathered the wind blew, and the rain deeened. May I, however express the hope that if tiouMe should enter at the door, love may not fly out at the window, 0 0 0 There was a plethora of meeting, in Penarth on Wednesday evening. The Good Templars had a special gathering, there was a concert in the Congre- gationa1: schoolroom, one in Andrews' lesser hall, one at the Wesleyan Chapel, a teachers' tea and business meeting m the Presbyterian schoolroom, a dit to at the Tabernacle Baptist schoolroom, and a ditto at Stanweli Road Baptist Chapel. 0 (I 0 It has been decided to hold a 1, juinble sale in connection with the British Women's Temperance Association thwarda the end of April. 0 0 0 I hear that the members of the Stanweli Road Baptist Church, have resolved not to proceed with the erection of their new chapel for another twelve months. ooo The Non-conformist relief committee met on Mon- day afternoon last to balance up accounts. o o <•» Its all good for trade is a remark which might well be applied to the gale last Sunday. We hear that the drapery establishments were delued early on Monday morning for hat-pins. o 0 0 It is stated that certain grocers—especially those living near the Wesleyan Chapel did a good trade in rice last Monday. It was the wedding day of u the late Miss Emily Francis, now Mrs Mules. 0 0 0 The weather ? yes, it is dull, wet, and muggy. My feeling ? Headaclyfied and drowsy. What wonder ? Is not the air charged with threateoings of libel actions Be ware Take care! 000 On dit that a certain Pesarthian, and of the upper ten-has just become engaged, and the ring which he has presented, is being paid for on the instalment system. o 0 0 We are desired to thank the numerous friend of the late John Veal, joiner, for their kindness shown to him in his illness, and also for their sympathy with the relatives and orphans in their bereavements. L