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Penarth-Road Toll at Cardiff

Police Intelligence. --

———————_____1 Found in Penarth…


——————— 1 Found in Penarth Dock. NOT DROWNED BUT DEAD. PROLONGED INQUEST ON THE LATF JOSEPH LENDON. RECOMMENDATIONS OF THE JURY. 3 Last Friday Mr E. B. Reece, coroner, conducted an enquiry into the circumstances attending the death of the Naval Crimean veteran who was found flrw;™ .I, do* last week Mr D. T. Morris° wastTiaL The deceased, who was a widower, 61 years old was formally identified by his adopted son Jos. lvm. Bradshaw, 59, Maughan Street, who last saw him alive the preceding Sunday, Witness was a pilot's apprentice at Barry Dock. The coroner: Poor fellow he used to sit on the jury some years ago, poor old chap! Mrs Maria Dean, occupying part of deceaseds bouse said she knew him for a long time; he used to look after himself; she, hsrself, but she saw him last alive quite feber, at 6-45 p.m. on March 20. Mr Wilson came o the house at 7 o'clock next morning, l'ie heard deceased get up between 4 and 5 o'clock; it was very dark. J Mr Edward Wilson, boatman and dock pilot, deposed to Lendon's working the same ship as witness at the top of the dock on the North side, He • followed deceased within 15 minutes after the latter had called him in the morning, and arrived aboard the ship at 5-15. As Lendon did not arrive he waited for him till after 6 o'clock, and then sent some men to look for him. Subsequently he saw the bodr being taken to the dead-house. By the coroner: It was a finish, and beautiful morning. Mr Tonkin was anxious to know if the witness knew of the existence of sple9n, pique or envv harboured against deceased. Witness: Mo he was too well liked at least I knolv of no one's having a grudge against him. The foreman was rather dubious of proper lighting facilities at this portion of the dock, he would also like to know—he confessed to not being an early riser-what kind of a morning it was. ° The Jury Rather dull; very hazy. Richard Kenure, a rigger, was next examined and said he was going along the dock about the alleged time deceased fell in but heard no cry. Witness was waiting to meet him at 5 o'clock aboard the boat. Eventually he went to seek him and found him floating. The coroner: Where ? Witness In the South East corner of the basin half way between the corner and the lack gates, close to the quay wall. He was face downwards, his hat was on, and his oilskins was inflated like a baioon and was thus keeping him up. After calling a dock gateman to assist him they, in a very few minutes got deceased out of the water but he was quite dead. & A Juryman How about the light ? Witness: Veiy dull, there was a lamp at tin corner, I was five minutes behind him and I could see. The Coroner What about his eyesight ? Mr Wilson Deceased had beautiful eyesi/ht. -By the Coroner: It was not so very hazy, "and the dock was not so very well lit. The Foreman: It's a very dangerous corner. The Corner: I've written on more than one occasion of it's danger. Could not the dock authorities put up stanchions ? One of the jurymen seemed to think it was impos- sible, but Mr Tonkin thought the difficulty could easily be surmounted were the stanchions made portable. Mr Isaac Davies also mentioned that it was done in the Cardiff Eaet Dock by means of a pin. A Juryman: It's remarkably strange that a man with 40 years' experience should be ab"e to drown himself at that particular point. The Coroner Are there no chains there ? The Jury: None. The Coroner in summing up said the jury had nothing but to return a verdict of found drowned The b foreman after conferring briefly with the jurors said that the verdict was "Found Suffocated." Mrs Dean was then recaJled, By the Coroner: I laid out deceased but observed no marks of violence on him. This further testimony of Mrs Dean was due to one of the jurors remarking upon it's being very unusual for a body to float immediately following drowning, After considerable discussion on the mot p int of Found drowned or Found suffocated," the Coronei: compromised, and the following verdict was returned That Joseph Lendon was found dead, floating face downwards in Penarth Basin, his oilskin being in- flated as to prevent his sinking; but there was not sufficient evidence to show how be got there. The jury also recommended That the four corners of the basin were highly dangerous that thev ought to be properly protected, and furthermore that the light was bad, insufficient, and of poor quality. The Coroner said he would apprise the proper officials of the jurors' rideis, 1