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! .-Original Poetry.

Penarth-Road Toll at Cardiff

Police Intelligence. --


Police Intelligence. A DISORDERLY HOUSE.—At Penarth Police-court on Monday—before Messrs Valentine Trayes, W. B. Gibbs, and Councillor Morris—Sarah Disb-ai-y, the occupier of 58, Maughan-street, Penarfch, was sum- moned for keeping a disorderly house. Police- Sergeant Salter deposed finding sufficient evidence to j show that the house was being used fo? immoral purposes. Defendant herself did not. appear and the magistrates ordered a warrant to be issued for her arrest. Before the court rose the woman appeared, I and as a result of the rehearing accused was ordered to pay a fine of XIO, or in default one month's imprisonment with hard labour. His DEBUT IN THE DOOK. -John Morgau, Leck- with, who pleaded that it was his debut in the dock, was fined 10s for being drunk in charge of a horse and trap at Penat-th,-Willian-i Davies, labourer, was sent to gaol for seven days without the option of a fine for a repetition of his d. and d." practices, THE DECREES OF FATE.—Ed Bailey, who assisted himself to the front by means of a pairs of crutches, after repeated failures by the Bench to extract a promise not to offend again, wished to be truthful and tried to show that he could not rule again the accident of Fate, if Fate turned his donkey to stray on the highway when it should be in the field, and he was told to Go, sin'no more. A WAR OF WORDS.—Esther Parry summoned Ada Cowdrey for assault. The parties reside at Cogan, and one morning last week had an oral doorstep war- fare, the termination of which was that Mrs Parry threw a bucket of water over her to subdue either her fiery language or her burning enthusiasm. For this 0 Mrs Parry had to pay Is. NOT A MODEL FATHER.—Francis Yara, an Italian fireman? was proved by his wife Elizabeth, to be far removed from the general conception of a model hus- band, and for threatening to cut his wife and baby in bits he was bound over in the sum of £ 5 to keep the peace towards her for six months.

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