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Penarth-Road Toll at Cardiff


Penarth-Road Toll at Cardiff SIR WILLIAM LEWIS'S TERMS. "ABSOLUTELY PREPOSTEROUS. P 9?. Tuesday aftenaoon at a special meeting* of the ,ublic Works Commitb e of the Cardiff Corporation, th ,,Unc'er ^he presidency of Alderman Daniel Lewis, 6 Clerk (Mr Cornish) stated that he had received the terms which Sir Wm Thomas promised to forward to the committee in the course of a few days relative to the tolls at present levied on the Penarth-road. ihe Chairman asked whether it was advisable that terns should be made public, and j, Mr Cornish said he hid a communication from Mr ranklin, clerk to the County Council, asking that the fins should be kept private until the meeting of the JOInt committee. The following were the terms :— CARDIFF AND PENARTH ROAD, pleads of terms of taking over by public authorities; f "e^Penarth-road to be deemed to mean the roc.d J011* St Mary-street, Cardiff, to the cross roads near Q Merry Harriers, Llandough. lat 16 autkorities taking the Penarth-road are also to n 6 ovgr and keep in repair as public thoroughfares e tw° roads leading from Penarth-road to the village 01 llandough. years' purchase, calculated upon the th Prfits earne^ by the road, taking an average of 6 last seven years, and charging all permanent Itnprovements to capital. StiV 6 roa<^ taken to in its present condition and jjj the terms of transfer to be deemed a public SQWay from the time it is taken over. ■ 1 "—— The present road propria tors to be empowered to lay and place pipes for any purposes they may retire, and also sewer or drains along or across and wires over or under the said road wherever they may wish to do so, provided they become responsible for any damage which may be caused to persons using the road in consequence of their laying or placing such pipes, sewers, and wires, and provided that they make good the road after disturbing it for any such pur- pose to tho reasonable satisfaction of the authorities who then repair the road. The Marquis of Bute is to be at liberty to construct and use level crossings for railways or tramways at two points where he m iy elect to do so over the said road. He is also to he at liberty to construct and use bridges or subways over or under the roadways at any place or places he may wish, such bridges in the case of over-bridges to have a span equal to the width of the road at the points crossed, but in no case is he to be required to make the spaa of any bridges more than 50ft., and the headway over the surface of the road to the under side of the bridges to be at least 14ft. In the case of under bridges or subways the width between the parapets to be of the width of the road at the points where the bridged are made, so that the same shall in no case be required to exceed thirty feet. The property in the soil of the road will not pass to the public authorities but only the right of way ti over the same' The present position and the rights of the Cardiff and Pjnarth Harbour Tramway Company are not to be affected, but are to remain the same as if the road had not been taken over. Councillor RAMSDALB The terms are absolutely preposterous they should lie on the table and be done with. Councillor THOMAS; Send them to our new Musttum! Councillor F. J. BEVAN I think it should come up at our next meeting. I move that this letter, so far as it relates to the proposed agreement, be printed and sent as a private document to each member of he committee. Councillor THOMAS said he began to think they did not avail themselves enough of the Press, who would publish a copy of the document* It was a thing for the ratepayers to see every line of it showed that the terms were deliberately made impossible. For instance, they should look at the Bute-street level ciossing everyone said on passing there they would not, if they had the power, allow such lines, aud now they were asked to agree to a thing which would in time cross one of the busiest streets- Councillor F- J. BEVAN did not think one of them was a term which could be made possible. They had, he said, made the term utterly impracticable. Councillor THOMAS I am strongly of opinion that they ought to go to the public- Councillor BAMSDALE thought they should be made public immediately. If the letter were given to the Press the ratepayers would see the trouble they had to obtain anything of a beneficial character. The subject will now come before the joint com- mittee of the various intereits which are concerned in the matter.

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