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Penarth District Council.…


Penarth District Council. IMPURE DRINKING WATER. The Public Works and Health Committee met on "Monday night. Present W L Morris, J.P. (chair), Messrs H Sntli, R Bevan, D Morgan, J Pavey and RGuy. The medical officer reported that during the pre- ceding month 28 births were registered, 13 males and 15 females, also 21 deaths, the rate per 1000 per annum corresponding, respectively, to 25-3 and 19. No deaths occurred trom any zymotic disease, and no notices ander the Infectious Disease Notification Act had been received. Dr Nell in speaking of the health of Penarth for ihe year 1894, the report of which would soon be • printed, said that the Inspector of Nuisances, Mr T Meaaey, had zealously discharged his duties, and his assistance had been invaluable- There was one ? matter, however, which the Council bad ignored and that was a reprehensible indifference to his (Dr Nell's) < various past recommendations. CONTAMINATED DRINKING WATER He had also to report that on account of a com- .plaint of the occupier of 31, Stanwell Road, regarding the impure d, iukmg water at that house he had taken a sample and submitted it to the public analyst at Cardiff, who reported that it contained a large quan- iitv either of auirnal or sewage matter, it being difficult to tell whether the contamination was due to manurial matter or from drains. Mr ftlorgan knew that the part of the land was full of springs, and it was not improbable that the cess pool was leaking and all the houses were in the same -Condition. Mr Snell thought they were filled up. Mr Meazey All but Mr Johnson's- After some discussion the Surveyor was dir ected to prepare plans for draining Stanwell Road houses to the front instead of the back as it had been found that the natural draining from the soil into the basement was contaminated with sewage matter. CHURCH AVENUE DISAFFECTION. Mr R Bevan moved that the tenders for the private improvements of Church Avenue be not opened till April 8, as a petition would be presented the Council next Monday praying that the Avenue be unaltered. Mr Morgan seconded. Carried. ROAD CONTRACTING. A letter was read from Mr John Thomas contractor of district roads, tor an increase of X5, making f 64 for his keeping annually the roads in repair. The roads when he undertook the job were in a very bad state, now they were in a fair condition. Mr Morgan He has done his work well we can't do better. The Chairman Yes very satisfactory. The Surveyoi- I don't think he has been off the roads a week during the whole year. Mr Pavey understood there was another tender he had been told by a man that Mr Thomas would be opposed this year. The Surveyor went below to the letter box b: j could discover nothing save a bill against the Council. (Law; liter-) Mr Bevan moved that as no one else had tendered, Mr Thomas be accepted. ISO. Mr Pavey seconded, adding the same proviso. MISCELLANEOUS. The St Andrews' Parish Council wrote regarding the urgent necessity of the Council's making a foot- path to the East,brook Road. (Laughter). J A member That's for the Dynas Highway Board. Mr Pavey: It would be a great convenience to both sides. The Clerk I'll write and ask what they propose to do. Agreed to The manure contract having expired, Mr J Meazey was wining to pay the same price, some 20/- to 25/ as he had formerly done. The members were agreeable to this, but the Sur- veyor remarked that amongst others desirious of I obtaining the contract was Mr Crossling of the Nurseries. The Clerk thought they had better advertise. The Chairman Let it be in the two local papers., and + he Cardiff nnps. Carried- Mr i. an re w,s desirous of building a boundary •frail rou. d hid residence at Llandough for the purpose of kees > g the place tidy. U r he Surveyor stating that the landlord was i ready to give an undertaking to set back the wall j when it was found necessary to widen the read. Mr Lorange's request was granted. It was decided that as the caretakersbip of the i Ladies' Beach Cloak Room would not be vacant till the middle of the season, Mrs Williamson be allowed to retain its superintendence on the same terms until March 25, 1896.

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