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A.root Strc3t Wesleyan Baad of Hope. A very interest lug entertainment on behalf of Dr ^tephenson's Home, was given by the above, on Wednesday last, in the Wesleyan Schoolroom- The drum and fife band discoursed some very good music, The Hunt Song being a credit to the band and to its able leader Mr Coney. It is to be hoped the band will favour its hearers by giving "The Hunt Song again, at some not far distant date. The violin solo by Mr Meazey, received a well deserved encore, and Mr Alfred Mayne gave his recitation" Halfway Doin's (in dialect) in his well know;) able style. In Wanted young Generals," Miss Bertha Ram made one fancy they were in a registry office. The last item on the programme, but by no means the least, was The Honest Doctor" Mr A, L. Seagrave, being M.D. pro, tern- Messrs J. Lord, S. Caddy, E. Davies, ——— —^ and the Misses E. Bull and S. Paterson, making ver- good patients, for the doctor's boy, the one who neve get3 into mischief (?) Master Fred. Hayter deserves- credit. The equipments for the Doctor's surgery, were very kindly lent by Mr Blake Benjamin, Chemise Glebe Street. Programme—Hymn; Prayer; Recitation HA little boy's temperance speech Master Wasley; Recitation 11 Jenny's stand" Miss J. Readme; Pianoforte Solo Miss E. Draper: Dialogue "lighting the Giants," Misses Culliford, Ram, Rogers- and Searle; Recitation "The Drink Stoiy"Miss Ada Allen Solo « The song that reached my heart Miss Mary Andrews; Recitation "Why let them, die" Miss G. Davies; Recitation "Don the ribbon blue ,J Miss Rose Peacock; Violiu Solo Mr Meazy Dialogue « Want young general servants Mioses B. 0 y 0 Ram, M. Mayne, E. Mayne, M. Andrews, P. Shimeld,. and Redclift; Solo "Jerusalem Master Ivor White Recitation A deed of love Miss G- Hayes Recita- tion "The dying child" Miss M. Bull Duet "The Well Miss G; Williams and K Hooper Recitation, Work and idleness Master S. Wood Recitation 41 The drunkards carriage" Miss A. Hooper Piano- forte aolo "BrIdal march Miss E. Sole), "The old Sexton" Mr Geo. Pawley: Recitation "Halfway doin's" Mr A. Mayne; Recitation, Lily Searie; Chorus "The hunting song" the Band; Dialogue "The honest Doctor," doctor—A. L. Seagrave, patients—Misses E. Ball and S. Paterson, Messrs J. Lord, S. Caddy and E. Davies, doctor's bojr —Master Fred. Hayter; final, National Anthem.

The March" Lion."

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