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PenarttTs Prima Donna at the Hymeneal Altar. Brightly shone the sun on Monday morning last, when the marriage of Miss Emily Francis, 2, Ivy Street, with Mr Frederick Daniel Mules, of Hickman Road, was solemnised in the Arcot Street Wesleyan Chapel The ceremony was timed to take place at 11-30, but by 9.30 it became evident to the residents of Arcot Street, that something out of the usual run of events was taking place, for at that early hour, a number of people began to make their way to the chapel under the impression that the wedding was to take place at 10 o'clock. A few minutes after 11 the first carriage arrived, and the others came in rapid succession, bearing altogether 27 guests, in addition to the bride and bridegroom- The bride was accom- panied by her two bridesmaids, Miss Maggie John and Miss Florrie Mules. Mr Frank Mules acted as best man, 'and the bride was given away by her brother, Mr David Francis. Prior to the commence- ment of the ceremony, and during the time the guests were arriving Professor G. C. Howell performed Scotscn Clark's Fetal and" Inauguration Marches. As soon as the bride arrived, the people crowded into the chapel, and the proceedings com- menced by the singing of the hymn The voice that breathed o'er Eden." The first part of the wedding service was read by the Rev W. G. Williams, (of the Welsh Independent Chapel), the remainder of the ceremony being performed by the Rev J. D. Stevens (Wesleyan). After the signing of the register the newly married couple left the sacred building, amid showers of rice, the organ paaling forth Mendelssohn's Wedding March." The bride was attired in a dove grey costume, with white silk trimmings and pearls, her hat being of cream felt, trimmed with cream velvet and tips. She carried a beautiful bouquet of white flowers, as did also the bridesmaids, who wore electric blue costumes, trimmed with white velvet and black lace, their hats being black, relieved with white velvet and snowdrops. The bride and bridesmaids also wore gold bracelets, the gifts of the bridegroom. After the wedding ceremony a reception was held at Llwyn yr Eos, the rasidence of the bride's parents, which was presided over by the Rev W. G. Williams After refreshments had been partaken of, and the ceremony of cutting the wedding cake had been duly performed, the chairman proposed The health of the bride and bride-rooni," wishing them every ioy, happiness and long life. Other congratulatory speeches followed by Mr J Owen, Mr Evans- Mr D Francis, and Mr Frank Mules. The guests included: Mrs Daniel Mules, Miss Florrie Mules, Mr Frank Mules, Mr Tom Mules, Mr Tom Shell, Mr Hooper (Cardiff), Mrs and Misses John, Mr and Mrs David Miss Cassie Williams (Merthyr), Mr and Mrs Evans, Mr and Mrs Owen, InUld Mrs Davies, Mr and Mrs Francis, Junr, Mr H Hayes, Rev W G and Miss Williams, Mr Mules, Mr and Mra Hopkins, and Mr David Lewis (Newport). The following are a few of the presents received ;-iNIr J Thomas, silver tea ser- vice; Mr Williamson, ebony walking stick; Captain James, pair old paintings; Mrs Evans, pair oriental I jugs; Mr and Mrs Archer, Indian mat; Mr and Mrs Hooper, afternoon tea service; Mr and Mrs Norman cnt decanters; Captain Arthurs, set dessert cutlery'; M J Jonep, set of carvers Mr Robert marble clock; Mr Looinson, pair bronze figures; Mr Hutchinson, antique carved chair Miss A Evans, music cabinet; Miss Edwards, silver ink stand; Madame Clara Jsovello Davies, hot water jug, and gold mounted coalport china Mr and Mrs C J Williams, bedroom waie; Mr and Mrs Francis, Junr-, toilet set; Miss Williams and Mr Nicholas, plated sifter and stand; Mi Frank Mules, bamboo stand Mr Tom Shell, WiCKer chair; Mrs John, cheese stand Mr David, hincheontray Mr C Mules, coalport teapot Mfcs Flome Mules, Indian mats; Mrs D Mules, dinner service Mr and Mrs Owen, epergne"; Mr and Mrs Evans, silver cruet; Mr and Mrs Davies, band painted tea tray; Mr and Mrs Lewis, salad bowl; Miss Morgan cruet stand Mr and Mrs Hopkins, dining table and ornrnnentd; &c., &c.

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