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Congregational Sunday School.…


Congregational Sunday School. MUSICAL AND LITERARY ENTERTAINMENT- On Wednesday evening, in aid of the funds of the Windsor Road Congregational Sunday School, a Blusical and literary entertainment was given in the Schoolroom- The pastor of the church, the Rev J. Gwilym Jones, presided. The programme included a brilliantly executed pianoforte solo by Miss G Howard, Selections on banjos, by Miss Waters and Mr Davies, Cardiff action song" The burlesque band," by infants of the school: a couple of songs The storm fiend," and'. The tramp," by the well known and popular bass, Mr Tom Williams, Cardiff; songs by Miss Joan Losslett, Cardiff, "Throld maids of Lee," and"Dan'l darlil-i," recitation "Anchor Head," by Miss Ada Barries, Cardiff, a young lady possessing fine elocutionary taste; pianoforte duet, by Miss L. Andrews and Mr Andrew Mc Taggart; violin solo, by Miss Rosie Morgan, Penarth; and a quai ette "God 38 a spirit," by Miss Joan Cosslett, Miss Porter, Mr Arthur Andrews, and Mr G. G. Pike. It would be invidious to make special reference to any of the above each and all rendered their parts excellently. In Audition to the items already mentioned, much amuse- ment was created by the ferformance of a couple of "timorous sketches. The first, Wanted a general Servant," illustrated the difficulties of securing suitable savants in the present day. The characters were- ■M-rs Prim (in want of a servant), Miss G. Cottam,. Ann—Miss Emily Griffiths, Beisy—Miss Elsie Pike, p'iza—Miss Fanny Court, and Sarah—Miss Nellie oliard, (domestics applying for the situation); Mary (under notice of dismissal), Miss Cicely Pike. These young ladies must have studied well then parts, for they were all faultlessly performed. The Penarth 'w'onide was introduced, as being the paper in which Irs Prim advertised for a servant. The second sketch ^presented a Mock Parliament. The questions before ouse was a Women's rights and Women's wrongs." The characters were as follows: Speaker," Mr G. ■ Pike; Gierke Mr David Griffiths; Membars of the t ovemment ;—" Prime .Minister," Mr G. Clarry Home Secretary/' Mr Ernest Andrews Colonial ^ecretary," Mr Abbott Colonel Hitemhard," vttiember for Cogan), Mr W. H. Netlleton "M-vjor **°ppem," (member for Grangetown), Mr W Old. embers of the Opposition:—"Arthur Craigstone," lumber for Penarth), Mr Milne; "Andrew Mc 4(aggart;" (member for Thatilk/' Mr Arthur Andrews; p, °at; Keirhardie." (member for Caerphilly), Mr ad wick; "Captain Shellelah" (member for Auiligaw(awr,y), Mr Hartley; "David Davies fJW' member for Treorky), Mr J. H, Williams. DrnVnC^ea^s ai:1^ sPee°he<s in the above debate were uetive of much mirth. The whole proceedings friinated with a verse of the "National Anthem."

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