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J:I Prudential AssMDee Company, hioited. Chief ORice: HOLBORN BARS LONDON. _& SUmmary of the Report presented at the Forty-sixbh Annual Meeting held on 7th March, 1895. ORDINARY BRANCH.—The number of Policies I iSgued during the year was 61,744, assuring the sum Of ;E6,282,120, and producing a New Annual Premium Income of f 339,957. The Premiums received during the year were £2,077,956, being an increase of S223,586 over the year i893. The Claims of the year amounted to .€518,131. The number of Deaths was 3,584-, and 198 Endow- ment A&surances matured. b3 number of Policies in force at the end of the year ,las 375,545. INDUSTRIAL BRANCH.—The Premiums re- C3ived during the year were f4,244,224, being an increase of f 272,360. The Claims of the year amounted to XI,548,377. The number of Deaths was 168,689, and 1,304 Endow- ment Assurance matured. The number of Free Policies granted during the year to those Policy holders of five years' standing, who de- sired to discontinue their payments, was 66,178, the number in force being- 398,078. The number of Free Policies which became Claims during the year was 6,672. The total number of Policies In force at the end of the year was 11,176,661: their average duration is nearly seven and & batf years. The Assets of the Company, in both branches, as shown in the Balance Sheet, are JE21,213,805, being an increase of X2,674,940 over those of 1893. A sup- plement showing in detail the various investments t published with this report. General Balance Sheet of the Prudential Assurance Company, Limited, on the 3ist December, 1804. LIABILITIES..6 s d Shareholders' Capita. 700,000 0 0 Ordinary Branch Funds 9,499,379 12 0 Industrial Branch Fond 10,975,244 16 9 Ctaims under Life Policies admitted 39,18010 6 £21,2ï3,804193I ASSETS. £ s d British Government Securities (Consols) 2,208,377 11 9 Railway and other Debentures and Debenture Stock 2,067,606 18 1 Loans, County Council, Municipal and other Rates 5,500,322 4 9 Freehold Ground Rents and Scotch Feu Duties 2,482,077 18 9 Mortgages 2,485,044 19 11 Metropolitan Consolidated Stock, and City of London Bonds 349,245 13 0 Bank of England Stock 167,337 0 1 Freehold and Leasehold Property 1,196,248 6 4 Indian and Colonial Government Securities 1,811,899 15 8 reversions 194,349 10 3 Railway and other Shares 1,436,831 811 Loans en the Company s 'Policies 314,981 2 3 Rent Charges 100,357 .5 10 Outstanding Premiuns 390,888 0 6 Cash in hands of Superintendents, and Agents' Balances 50,307 12:)0 Outstanding Interest and Rents 187,862 3 0 Cash-On current accounts, and in baiacl 270,067 0 4 I f21,213,804 19 3 T:HOS.C. DEWEY, ) u-??, EDGAR HOBNE, CA?M-??. WILLIAM HUGHES, ?-?- HENKYHARBEN, ) W. J. LANCASTER, ?-?n/. PERCY T. REID. j' ?'??- We have exan-iiied the Cash L'ansactioDs, Receipts and Payments, affeoiing- the accounts of the Assets and Investments for the year ended December 3lst, 1894, and we iiud the same iu good order and properly vouched. We have also examined the Deeds and Securities, Certificates, &c.,representino'the I Assets and investments set out in the above account, and we certify that they were in possession and safe custody as on December 3lst, 1894. 20th :Pebruary, 1895, DELOITTE,DEYER, GRIFFITHS & Co. JAYES SRIUK & Co.) Beg to intimate that they have added, to their t business as Grocers and Provision Merchants, thatoi FAMILY BUTCIIERS & GREENGROCERS, AH Orders will receive most careful attention. NOTE ADDRESS- W A 9 11 11 @DÐ grocers & Provision Merchants Family BntcheTS, Greengrocers &c. AMERICAN HOUSE, 68, MAUGHAN STREET, PENARTH, (Opposite Pilot Hotel.) 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EXANO (HOillOCE,4 FORT) Is the strong form of Homocea made especially for deep-seated rheumatic pains—more especially of the joints, and for pains in the chest, bronchitis, &c., but it is not to be used for open wounds, sores, or delicate parts of the body. We guarantee this ointment, and in every case when purchased direct from us, we will refund the money if relief is not obtained by the purchaser. Price, 2s. 9d. per box, 3s. by post. HOMOCEA SOAP. HOMOCEA SOAP. This soap contains the valuable properties of the Homocea Ointment, and is certainly a perfect toilet soap but as a medical soap, it is of great value. especially in the nursery, and for all who have delicate skins, Price, 9d. and Is. 3d. a cake, or 2s. and 3s. per box; postage, 2d. and 3d. extra. All the above preparations can be had from Chemists, Druggists, &c., or direct by post from the Homocea Company, 22, Hamilton Square, Birkenhe&d. I 3rd V.B. Wels-il Reoimelito PEN\.RTH DETACHMENT. Orders—Week ending Saturday, 6th April, 1895. MONDAY—Company Dull S p.m.—Drill Order. THURSDAY—Attack formation—8 p.m., Plain Clothes By order, (Signed) SIDNEY COLEMAN, Captain, Commanding Detachment