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S. ANDREWS AND SON, COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS THE NEWS, GLEBE ST., PENARTH. EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. Funerals Conducted with Refinement and Economy. Telephonic Communication with Chief Onlces, Cardiff ESTABLISHED 1888 TS ]E;»]D.h Potato & Fruit Stores (Anchor House) GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. Good Selection of ENGLISH and FOREIGN "RRUIT always kept in Stock. Goods Delivered Dally to &U parts of the Town. H. MATTHEWS, Proprietor ?P??F??M ? ?????M ? J?CMXfy?. ? (?Msurj? 6t!WSS) WIRE MEIIIIG, IN 60 YARD ROLLS. 2-ir\. mesh, 2ft 4s 3ft 6s 4ft8s. GRùVaNISED GoqUGaTED ROOFING SHEETS. 6ft, 15 7d. 7 ft, 15 10d. 8 ft, 2s Ode Patect OOfING FEMS IN 25 YARD ROLLS. Best 1\f edi urn. Common. 8s Ss9dL 4:S. perrolL J. PHIL-LIPS, & CO., Manufacturing IrOnm01TIOnger, 0 T 20/. ORDERS .DELIVERED. THE GREAT ??????*?????j??M ???????&??!??EF???S????t ???W?&???!????4?? ????S??3??!n!M?B B%JN?aw TWENTY YEAR'S RESEARCH hn.s brou?jtt?o?'Ii?ht a guaranteed Remedy for i ?K'?VOUS DEUILIT?, the E)Tors of Yo;it!), Lost Manhood, Weakness, Dimness ot n iÖJ;,t.1{h;1der,: C'a?cl, Ki'iney, Liver con<p!.uui;s, and aH Diseases of the Urinary (':i:d¡, Lion is in the hands of a Minister, who wiH befriend any one su&'eiing Ithas C tN &;T ??rc\ys'-nd f.pd.rt'?uJ Mt;u;)"< pnv?]o;??ot!,c Uev. i).\VfD Joxus, Ray ViH.?, Lewes, '?cnt!it'Pre?Ct'i])LiOu\ii!i'?SL..??!.U-y?{)FCRA??OE. N:??thisP:-oer. ??? AN ,AMERBCAN OMAM { 80 K F EE NEMtSn?i????S?? Send yoTtf address on a ?o6t-Gard, and you 'will re?e?ve the ? wt????????MS?SS? Snest and most elaborate CataJ.ogo.3 oi Ajnerican Organs and ? ?Mg!????j?*???? Satiafaotion'gnarantGed'befor'eyoupay. 'Wntetous,mentionmg ? tM!e&<)<<<M<aNMWM?NNM thia paper. You will be more than pleased at the result, it you ? f!f it a.t once. ORGANS, carriage paj.d,ifom £10. w References epecially pennitted to J. H. OSBORMS, ESQ., ? MM???±=_??????S ?3?. FLEET STREET. LOMDON. K.C..OI whom catalogues may ? MMMtlttJtMS??i?MBm??'. be had iree Qn application, and infonnation obtained as to 'where ? 'ji?MJgMmHH?H???????? the organs can be seen and tested m London, or write djrect to ? ???mMNMB???????SB??' ??j??B?BMS??E-§"C< ???? 9 ?HNHtaBES?BNN ???F????S?nL.c?.?E??Bf ? S??Sm?????M?' W A ?'niN?Tn'M' ?'!7W?T7PQ17V'? 'PNiTEDSTATEaoF ? WAtjU-ii? <J.i U? jN J1 W J JlKjJti X ?- AMEHICA. ? (Established sa vears). BEATTY'S ORGANS AND PIAN08. Hon. Daniel F. Eeatty, Washington New Jersey, t'he great Organ and Piano Manufacturer, is building and shipping more Organs and Pianos than over. In 1870 Mr Beatty left home a penniless plow boy, Mid by his ind.omik"0'e will be has worked hiswayupsoastoselI,soi;u-,nearlylOO;JOOo! Deatty's Org&ns and Pianos since 1M TJ, Nothing seems to dishearten him; obstacles laid in his that would hava wrecked and Ordinary man for ever, he tur to an advertisemem. undcomt's OUt of it brighter than ever. :b instruments, as ic 'j- 'nown Me very popular and are to 'i foun(t in all parts of the woj'ld. 'We &re informed that durin: t'M nt ten years he intemf to eell 200.000 more of his u.i.p.ke; ti.iat means a of 30.000,000 doHars. if we av ? ? ..(i at JOO,OOC dollars ?nch. 'It is already the largest bu&tnese 01 "he kind in existence Writs to Daniel F. Beatty. Now Jersey. 'DpQ4-<-T? ORGANS, 27 sL? 22 doMa? JJO?uUJ ? PIANOS, 150 do?rh.?atalo?ueFree -r.llíil F. Beaity, Washington, New -Jerwy £::) pATCHWORK. PATCHWORK. Patchwork. Agents Wacted. Ladies, Families, and others to try our Parcels, containing' about 200 assorted pieces of beau- ,if Lil prints, suitn.b!e for aprons, cushions; quilts- One s <tip!e parcel, Is dd two, 2s 6d four, 4s 9d carriage A!no vetvet:-). i!ks, sating. &c.,one parcet, 28 <?d; ¡I.v, 4s 6d; fOilr 6s 3d.—J. BLA(JK, 71 Burling-ton 'll'et, I I ????- As nic, ri [J As w!ndm)!t ,1:. go roun'*).. So goes 1 A \'va¡)lng (¡ny, Where I I ui)S "OAP -4 Fine pqwder-in P(lcldJ.

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