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,Nil ———— ——— S. ANDREWS AND SON, COMPLETE FUNERAL FURNISHERS j THE IEWS, GLEBE ST., PENARTH. ? EVERY REQUISITE FOR FUNERALS OF ALL CLASSES. I Funerals Conducted with Refinement and Economy. Telephonic Communication with Chief Offices, Cardiff TS ESTABLISHED 1888 f penarth i Potato & Fruit Stores (Anchor House) GLEBE STREET, PENARTH. Good Selection of ENGLISH and FOREIGN ^RUIT always kept in Stock. tioods Delivered Daily to all parts of the Town. H. MATTHEvVS, Proprietor -rjLmiii ■ I Poultry! Poultry! ETLPSEB wilml IN 50 YARD ROLLS. 2~ir\. mesh, 2ft 4s 3ft 6s 4ft 8s. i CflliVAHlSED CORRUGRTED ROOFING SHEETS. 6ft, 1 s 7d. 7 ft, 1 s 10d. 8 ft, 2s Od. Patent ROOFING FEltTS IN 25 YARD ROLLS. Best Medium. Common. Ss 5s Odl 48. per roll. J. IIIIILIPS, & (O., Manufacturing Ironmomoiiger, 20/. ORDERS DELIVERED. j THE GREAT A Er AMERICAN PRESCRIPTION. fp'W ENTY YEAR'S RESEARCH has brought to light a guaranteed Remedy for '• 1 jSEUVOUS DEBILITY, the Errors of Youth, Lost Manhood, Weakness. Dimness ol Sight;, Bladder, Gravel, Kidney, Liver complaints, and all Diseases of the Urinary Organs. This Prescription is in the hands of a Mkuster, who will befriend any one suffering from these enervating diseases. It has 0 CUREj THOUSANDS. Merely spnd pelf-addressed stamped envelope to the Rev. David Jones, Ray Villa, Lewes, "•tien the Prescription will be sent ¡nEE OF CHARGE. ISthis P~x>er. 1 AM BOOK F E E, Bend jms address cn a^sf-^d, ap q^|g^ C Pianos ever published, it £ Sk S | IT f\ ° £ -will aliow you the latest and$L\ \g i" Oil J best ^styles, and haw* n^mentipnii^ C paiMrom £ 10. 7 1 !MmBm8%8M!I§SS References specially permitted to J. H» OSBORWE, ESQ.j C t32, PLE2T8TKEET, wlxomcatalojraeB^guiy J ati ali WHUmSfSB^ or write dixect to J wASHTOo^'mj^ J U.,

Sad Death at Penaitii.!



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