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--J, Weekly Notes by QuiTkquequip.


J, Weekly Notes by QuiTkquequip. The Editor does not hold himself responsible for the opinions expressed in these notes. Time was when Councillor Shepherd, as an Ex Local Board member, fathered the agitation for im- proved railway facilities between Penarth and Barry. Surely it isn't a case of infanticide It cannot be that such a movement will have as an epitaph "Unwept, unhonoured, and unsung." 0 0 0 As the summer solstice approacheth it is time that the pioneer of seats, Mr Edward Seagrave sbaketh himself from his hibernating slumbers to stir up the Council and public to a due sense of the necessity for sitting accommadation round about the sad snug sleek, soughing sea-side suburb. To your tents, 0 Isiael o 0 0 The noise of battles hurtles in the air." 'Tis but the preparation of the Sunday boaung question 0 0 0 A local wag says that the Influenza wave now sweeping over and devastating Penarth fiist issued from the Ludlow Street Urinal. We'll see what the Medical Officer £ a^"s in bis next memthly yepgrt, 6 0 0 Among the local distinguished victims of the Influenza has been our Printer's Imp. The latest bulletin says, Look through the Ghronide Pulse 135, I Temperature 109,5. Sack next week. None of the gatne family need apply." Signed, THE OFFIS BOS, C.P.D. (Locus demons.) 000 ■ History reports itself even in war. The Czar of Russia is Colonel of the Scots Greys, but in 1640 General Sir Thomas Dalziel-tbe martial ancestor of Captain W. Gascoyne Dalziel, Penarth, raised the first troop of horses, belonging to this famous regiment which is the oldest cavalry in the service and served Charles II at the Battle of Worcester. Being taken prisoner he was sent to the Tower cf London but eventually escaped to Mus Covie, where in 1665 he fought against the Poles and Tartars. Charles II subsequently recalled him and appointed him Lieut General of Scotland, his last battle being at Pentland Hills, He died inl685 but his picture, subscribed by a synopsis of his life is amongst the penates of his lineal descendant. Captain Dalziel, of the 2nd Glamor- gan Artillery Volunteer. 0 0 0 Like father, like son. The fooball prowess of Mr Herbie Morgan, captain of the Penarth Football Club, is evidently inherited from his father. Mr David Morgan, tie oldest of the tenants on the Windsor Estate, at the old inhabitants," supper, said that forty years ago, when Penarth numbered only 150 .souls, The Tump used to be the favourite rendezvous o*" 1 footbalierp. He with others used to play on Sunday, but as soon as the rector hove in sight they scutted off for their liveq. 0 0 0. Mr Daniel Mules, Penarth, has the proud distinc- tio nof tipping the first wagon of coal into a ship at Penarth Dock. 000 0 0 0 Four decades ago Ponarlii had a population of only 150, now it is 13,000, the Elite numbering quite twelve-thirteenths. 0 0 0 There was a growl last week in Chit Chat from a correspondent. Well, to any one liking Tit Bits, Answers and Pearson's Weekly, I should think it wad just the thing they would like. Buy 'em, then. 0 0 0 Another phhse of the New Woman! What domiin will she n)t invade ? A young man this week, in the throes of toothache, screwed his courage to the sticking point, and went to a local dentist, but Mr was not in. Either womanly ruth or a femioine "lye to business must have prompted Mr 's wife o tell the sufferer she could extract the tooth quite as well as her absent spouse. Detecting an involun- tary sceptical look on the patient's face, Mri ——— :————————— 1 act was furthur evidencel when she explained that she was quite used to it and had the previous day drawn a gentleman's bicuspid. The agonised one, however, feeling an intrutive doubt of a woman's "delicate touch and prowess in dentistry said he'd call again. 0 0 0 I understand that the South Wales Portland Ce- nxent and Lime Company, Limited, Penarth, have purchased the business lately carried on by the Aberthaw Blue Lias Lime Company at Bridgend- 0 o Zo Inquiries are being made for Penarth Pier Shared People are beginning to see that they made a mistake in not taking shares when they were publicly offered* Doubtless the Company will reap a rich harvest. 0 0 0 Will the friends who took tickets to sell for the recent concert in Andrews' hall, oblige by sending money and unsold tickets as soon as possible to the Secretary, Mr Elkington, 64, Plassey Street, or to Mr PicKford, Chronicle Office, as the Committee are anxious to close the account immediately. The com- mittee will meet on Saturday evening, the 30th instt to receive balance sheet, o 0 0 As showing- the desire of the ground land lord to treat on equitable terms with allotment seekers, the Duke of Bedford, in a circular letter, written to the chairmen of the various parish councils iu BedforcU shire, where he is the owner of suitable land for alfoc-" ments, intimates that be is prepared to transfer to the various councils all his field allotments on certain terms with a yearly tenancy. "r 0 0 0 The s.s. Beresford which sailed from Penarth Dock on last Xmas morning for Mobile, had on her out. ward passage a mutiny. As the result of the trial at New Orleans only two of the origiual crew are now aboard her and on their way to Bremerhaven. 0 0 0 Is the Council making archaeological or geological r searches just below the bottom ot New Plafisey Street ? A cave in the wait has been dug and 10 secret must the explorations be that it is deemed ad- visable to cover the opening up with a board. The public curiosity is excited, and sinister rumours are afloat that unless that public convenience immediately below the Holy Nativity Church be speedily removed, some Councillor or Councillors will be immured. 0 0 0 A leading incident in Scott's Marmion is the immuring of Consbnce, a nun, who bad broken her vows. Who amongst our 12 will offer himself up as an expiatory sacrifice ? >

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